Press Release reinforces its growth in North America

Press Release

In 2014, will celebrate 15 years of operations in Europe – and its first year in North America – with solutions that have already united a large user community in Europe. OVH has significantly expanded its product range in the last few months: adding anti-DDoS protection to their dedicated server line, launching the Dedicated Cloud solutions (a complete virtual datacenter) and hybrid infrastructures (with vRack 1.5). 2014 promises to be another year rich in innovations for To respond effectively to the needs of its customers, new solutions will be introduced this year that include VPS, public Cloud, Dedicated Cloud for Microsoft Hyper-V, Big Data clusters, a new server family and domain names. The first new products will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks. To meet growing demand, last year OVH North America built 2 hosting towers capable of housing 10,000 servers each. Today OVH has nearly 15,000 servers in production at its “BHS” (Beauharnois, Canada) datacenter. BHS datacenter has the capacity to one day house 360,000 servers. During the first quarter of 2014, a third tower will be built combining the know-how of local partners and’s latest innovations in energy efficient technologies. As a result, the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of this datacenter will still be one of the lowest in the world. In addition, by controlling the entire Web hosting chain (from building the datacenter to the maintenance of servers), is able to significantly lower its costs, passing the savings to its customers with very competitive prices. Finally, 2014 will also be synonymous with growth of our team in North America. The company plans to hire many new employees to keep pace with the production level in its datacenters, to expand the staffing capacity of its Montreal office, to better assist the further development of its activities in the region.

*Source Netcraft, January 2014