Press Release

OVH expands AI-powered cloud services with software optimised for NVIDIA GPUs

Press Release

OVH is taking a new step in its collaboration with NVIDIA by becoming the first European cloud provider to be a validated platform partner for NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC). This strengthens its position as a major player in the democratisation of artificial intelligence technologies.

OVH users can now run software from the NGC container registry, which provides a comprehensive catalogue of AI software optimised for NVIDIA GPUs, on OVH infrastructure. OVH customers can deploy artificial intelligence, accelerated data science and high-performance computing projects on OVH cloud infrastructure in a matter of minutes thanks to the plug and play software available from NGC.

NVIDIA and OVH share a common goal of making AI more accessible and easier to use,” said Serge Palaric, Vice President Enterprise Business Development, NVIDIA. “By running GPU-optimised software from NGC on NVIDIA GPU instances, and bare metal NVIDIA DGX-1™ servers in the OVH cloud infrastructure, users can get their AI projects up and running quickly and with incredible performance.

Running software from NGC on OVH infrastructure complements OVH’s existing range of NVIDIA GPU-based offerings:

  • Public cloud servers powered by the latest NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs offer an excellent cost/performance ratio and are especially suited to startups.
  • A dedicated pool of NVIDIA DGX-1™ servers, each of which includes eight of the latest generation NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs interconnected with NVLink technology, are purpose-built for machine learning and deep learning.

Different use cases for different customers

The new offerings have been added in addition to OVH’s big data catalogue. For example, OVH Metrics is a dedicated IoT offer and OVH Analytics Data Platform allows for the deployment of Hadoop clusters in just a few minutes.

Heuritech, a startup specialising in artificial intelligence for fashion, received support through OVH's startup program, the OVH Digital Launch Pad. With intensive computing needs, Heuritech has chosen to build a custom infrastructure using OVH dedicated servers powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

Systran, a world leader in translation technologies for over 50 years, has also used OVH infrastructure for the intensive calculation of neural networks applied to more than 40 languages. The revolutionary AI computing performance of the NVIDIA DGX-1 system allowed Systran to industrialise production, and train and update more than 200 generic and specific translation models.

An all improved OVH cloud

At OVH, artificial intelligence is not only about products, but is also used internally to provide OVH customers with the most seamless and secure experience possible.

OVH’s cloud infrastructure takes advantage of machine learning and deep learning products and applications for maintaining IT equipment, predicting database fill rates and anticipating temperature variations in data centres. OVH gives an additional guarantee, to provide its customers with ever more reliable solutions and a greater capacity for innovation.