Press Release

“Digital Launch Pad”, the OVH Program to Accelerate Innovative Ideas

Press Release

3 Levels of Support
Ideation – The first stage provides selected projects with support in prototyping and infrastructure capacity for several months. Candidates can create their own ‘Public Cloud Project’ space directly on the site. This first level of assistance will also integrate access to knowledge bases, reference materials, training ... everything that can help quickly materialize ideas.

Build – The second stage provides not only the means of infrastructure, but also support assured by architects, relationships with financing institutions, and logistics, rapidly bringing selected projects to fruition. Entry into the BUILD phase is based upon selection by local OVH offices, which have direct contact with the candidates, in Madrid, Montreal, San Francisco, Milan, Wroclaw… For those participating in this program, it will also be possible to be physically hosted in OVH offices and/or those of OVH partners.

Market – The third stage aims to put new solutions into orbit to accelerate their business development. Selected projects will have the OVH Marketplace doors opened for them, providing visibility to the group’s 900,000 customers worldwide. Expertise in digital marketing, as well as structure and support may be integrated. OVH desires to give full access to its entire ecosystem.

Open to All with a Focus on IoT
“Innovation concerns all economic areas. All domains of technology are eligible for the Digital Launch Pad program,” says Laurent Allard, CEO of OVH. Without limits or restrictions, any and all ideas will be considered. A strong focus will be put on projects linked to IoT which will benefit from special funding through the project “1 Million Euros for 100 Projects”. A "big data challenge" organized in partnership with Intel will bring three ideas to reality with the support of two leaders. Sixty innovative projects are already benefiting with vouchers for immediate embarkment into the ideation phase. Until the full program launch, planned for late 2015, pre-registration is open to all at .