Press Release

OVH goes from active user to major player in the OpenStack project

Press Release

With a strong global presence of 17 datacenters hosting more than 250,000 servers, OVH adopted OpenStack's Swift technology for its object storage solutions as early as 2012. Today, OVH uses OpenStack across its entire public cloud infrastructure to speed up development and give customers the flexibility and performance provided by this open source project involving one of the most active communities of developers in the world. OpenStack offers a variety of tools to deploy and operate cloud services, thereby supporting mobile cloud environments that allow hybrid operations between OVH and various cloud providers. OVH will go further when it will leverage its vRack technology to further enhance the flexibility of its OpenStack cloud offering. vRack is designed to interconnect any OVH infrastructure within a private network anywhere in the world. The gradual integration of OpenStack into OVH environments also involves making the software more user-friendly and cost-effective, leveraging OVH's full control of its supply chain - from servers to datacenters, which allows for extremely competitive pricing.

OVH will introduce some special features of its product offerings, notably the ability to choose from a large variety of virtual servers, most of which have dedicated resources. This exclusive offer is designed for beginners and OpenStack experts alike who want to build scalable, secured environments in no time.
Aside from its role as a user, OVH has also been an Infrastructure Donor for the OpenStack Foundation since December 2015, thereby strengthening ties between the OpenStack community and the company. "The OpenStack ecosystem must rely on a major player in the field of public cloud, notably to validate bursting and hybrid cloud scenarios,” said Thierry Carrez Director of Engineering at the OpenStack Foundation. “Experience, global presence and growth potential all make OVH the perfect candidate to take on this role, all the while showing that public clouds based on OpenStack can compete with AWS' prices." The extent of this collaboration is reflected in the OpenStack continuous integration system (CI) which automates compilation and tests carried out on hundreds of patches provided to community developers every day. In that regard, OVH is meeting the developers' growing needs by providing OVH public cloud instances designed to take on large amounts of "on-demand" requests.

"Our participation at the OpenStack Summit will definitely be a unique opportunity to share our cloud model and its technological advances with the community,” said Maxime Hurtrel, Lead UX on OVH cloud products and co-creator of the public cloud project. “That model allows us to make OpenStack accessible to as many people as possible through a product offer that's efficient and extremely accessible in terms of user experience and price." Maxime will take stage during the April 26th keynote. Two technical presentations given by experts from OVH are also part of the program: "How to Scale a Swift Infrastructure Without Scaling People" on April 26, and "Neutron Quality of Service, New Features And Future Roadmap" on April 28.

More than 7,000 participants from 55 countries are expected in Austin at the end of April for this new edition of the OpenStack Summit.

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