Press Release

Global cloud provider, OVH, invites Australian startups to apply for the 2019 Digital Launch Pad program

Press Release


The OVH Digital Launch Pad is a global accelerator program for startups and tech entrepreneurs. The program provides digital support and flexible infrastructures to assist these businesses in the launch of their products and services across three stages; ideation, implementation and go-to-market.

In Australia, startups and entrepreneurs who are part of the program will now be able to benefit from enhanced cloud infrastructure, following the launch of the OVH Public Cloud in Australia earlier this year.

Since its launch in 2016, 1,500 startups have participated in the Digital Launch Pad program, with a profile made up of very young businesses, with high technological potential and strong growth prospects.

“Before we became an international company, we were a startup. We know the challenges these businesses face. We are constantly challenging ourselves to provide the best possible service to the market,” said OVH Asia Pacific Director, Lionel Legros.

“Beyond the cloud Infrastructures provided through our Digital Launch Pad program, we also advise the startups involved on their technology choices, to support them in their business growth without facing lock-in issues or technologies dependancies” he added.      

The predictable billing and scalability of OVH’s Cloud infrastructures means startups and entrepreneurs are able to build their own tailor-made cloud and only pay for what they use.

“Following the launch of our Public Cloud in Australia earlier this year, we’re really excited about what the Digital Launch Pad has to offer new Australian participants. We would encourage startups across the AI, Data Analytics and FinTech industries in particular to visit our website to find out more,” he concluded.

This announcement comes as OVH sponsors the B2B Rocks event, Australia’s leading B2B and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startups conference. OVH will also partner for the B2B Rocks Awards Competition which will take place on Thursday, 6 June.

The winner of the Early Stage Startup Award will receive up to $10,000 worth of infrastructure through the 28 datacentres OVH currently manages, as well as access to technical experts for consulting purposes.

OVH’s involvement at this year’s B2B Rocks conference follows three years of activity in the Asia-Pacific, with datacentres located in both Singapore and Sydney.

For more information on OVH Digital Launch Pad, or to submit an application, please visit: