Press Release

Microsoft® Exchange 2013 powered by the most complete and secure professional collaborative messaging platform

Press Release

Combining a thorough knowledge of dedicated servers and an expertise in Microsoft software management, offers an adequate solution for enterprises wishing to optimize email and daily work tasks. Following its success in Europe, this offer is finally available in North America and deployed from the OVH data center located just outside of Montreal, Canada. Choose Exchange by, it’s assurance for optimal security, with all the data hosted in OVH's Canadian data center. In addition to anti-spam and antivirus protection, users can be sure that their data is safe and that they have full protection under the terms of contract.

Flexibility and responsiveness are also inherent traits of such a tailored offer. Exchange updates are automatically deployed by to all user accounts and phone support is available 24/7. It is also possible to migrate all Exchange 2010 or 2013 data to from any other provider. Thanks to the OMM tool (OVH Mail Migrator), performing the migration is free and easy. The proposed “Hosted” range grants the user with 50 GB of storage space allowing for the safeguarding of large volumes of data. With storage being in one place, the user can easily access their data.

It’s possible to share contacts, folders and calendars, sync emails on any device (desktop PC, smartphone, tablet...), manage independent accounts with customizable access restrictions and read emails while offline. Features are numerous, with the added assurance that spam will not disrupt your inbox.

A free tool for account migration between the old and the new version of Exchange is also included in the offer. Coming soon is a "Private" offer that will satisfy even the most demanding users. This offer will include a private server rental, ideal for maximum security and use a private SSL certificate based on an independent and isolated infrastructure with fully dedicated resources. Carefully attention was placed on the customer control panel. With simplification and usability in mind, the control panel facilitates the creation and configuration of accounts. All major Exchange features are available from the OVH interface. Concerning ergonomics, focus has been placed on speed and efficiency. The API is no exception and offers new features including the ability to automate reoccurring tasks.

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