Press Release

OVH Announce Network Upgrades and Offers across Asia Pacific

Press Release

OVH operates its own network and today announce it has now reached 13 Tbps of bandwidth in capacity. This network connects the 32 Points of Presence (PoPs) across the globe to offer the best quality of service to customers and end-users.

OVH’s Asia-Pacific presence is allowing it to support its customers and respond to the growing demand for outsourced digital infrastructures. As part of the company’s expansion strategy, it is working on a continuous plan of investment and development on its APAC network.

OVH has carried out a series of technical upgrades on this region to reduce latency and improve the efficiency of online solutions to, or from, Australia and South-East Asia locations. In the last year, the overall Asia-Pacific network connectivity has been improved from a capacity of 40 Gbps to 400 Gbps.

“To improve the performance and security of our network, we added the new Core routers in the Sydney and Singapore Datacentres. Each router delivers up to 5,760 million packets per second (Mpps) and they carry up to 4.8Tbps of routing capacity”, said Florian Valette, Network Lead Engineer, for the APAC region.

In addition, OVH also invested in 100Gbps links to connect to other locations and PoP (Point of Presence). These upgrades will now enable the Global provider to increase the service availability and security by receiving DDoS attacks without impact.

OVH also invested in improving the latency and redundancy, in the Asia-Pacific Datacentres, installing four new backbone routers (2 in Singapore and 2 in Sydney), all connected via 100G links. With these additions, OVH can connect to more providers and add more capacity outside the OVH network.

Mr. Valette added, “In Singapore, we have connected 2 new backbones routers in Equinix and Global Switch facilities. This gives us more flexibility to connect with more providers, and also to have a physical redundancy in the event of failure of any of them. It provides us the capability to connect transit providers directly with a 100G links to provide a stable and scalable network to the customers all over Asia-Pacific”.

The network performance between Australia and Europe was also improved in two parts. First, by adding a new low latency link between both OVH APAC Datacenters (with 88ms instead of 144ms of latency) and secondly, by changing the routing via Singapore to gain 40ms.

The network upgrades bring to OVH customers:

  • More reliability: Guaranteed quality of service and improved the protection against DDoS attacks
  • Better latency: Reduce the latency with the mains ISP and the OVH datacenters to ensure optimum performances
  • Increased capacity: Predict users’ bandwidth needs and avoid congestion risks

Unbeatable network offer!

Thanks to all these upgrades, all new and existing Sydney and Singapore customers will get (without any additional cost) new quotas on their solution.

For the baremetal cloud servers, the monthly quota will also be improved:

  • From 3TB per month to 5TB for the entry range products: SP-16-S / DO-32 and MC-32
  • From 5TB per month to 10TB for the hosting, enterprise and infrastructure range.

In addition to the monthly quota, customers can also subscribe to a new unlimited bandwidth options from 500Mbps to 3Gbps.