Press Release

OVH Commits to Let’s Encrypt to Provide Free SSL Certificates

Press Release

According to OVH CTO and Founder, Octave Klaba, “OVH is delighted to become a Platinum sponsor. With Let’s Encrypt, OVH will be able to set a new standard for security by offering end-to-end encrypted communications by default to all its communities.”

In Public Beta since December 3, the Let’s Encrypt project provides free SSL/TSL (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) certificates that are recognized by nearly all browsers, in a simple and automated manner using an open source client.
Formalized on December 21, this collaboration permits OVH to join Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai, and the EFF, in the ranks of Let’s Encrypt Platinum sponsors.

As announced by Let’s Encrypt on its website, “The Web is an increasingly integral part of our daily lives, and encryption by default is critical in order to provide the degree of security and privacy that people expect. Let’s Encrypt’s mission is to encrypt the Web and our sponsors. OVH’s sponsorship will help us to pay for staff and other operation costs in 2016.”