Press Release

The OVH offering expands with new lines of dedicated servers

Press Release

This new division in three separate brands of servers offers different types of usage, services and prices adapted to the user. This classification allows each brand to answer to the specific needs of big businesses, as well as SMEs, startups and students, in North America and abroad. : High-end professional servers for North America and Europe
With offers starting at $109/month, is focusing on high-end professional servers. Combined with services of high added value, most notably a new support, these lines of servers distinguish themselves through innovation, specific business applications and maximum customization, thanks to its dozens of options on hardware and services. “” reaches out to businesses, web-agencies, software and computing services company, SDI and software editors in SaaS mode looking for peace of mind and reliability, through advanced services and close support. : A powerful and innovative hardware with an aggressive quality/price ratio
One of the new OVH's brands, “So you Start” (SyS) is a line of professional servers providing the best ratio of technology/functionalities/price on the North American and European markets. Starting at $49/month, So you Start is equipped with high-performance machines (multi-purpose servers and back-up) for those with strict budget constraints. Finally, So you Start will soon offer a line of servers, “Game”, which will be dedicated to online gaming platforms. These offers are targeting startups and VSMBs. SyS promises to be a dynamic brand, always in the running when it comes to performance. : Servers with matchless pricing for emerging markets
Available all over the world, the Kimsufi solution presents around thirty different server offers starting at $12/month. OVH will use this line to gain recognition and new users in South America and Asia, among others. OVH counts on direct clients, as well as brokers, to set foot in these new markets. The Kimsufi servers will also be of interest for students and those curious to try out the dedicated environment.
The offers are divided according to the type of usage: “Enterprise”, “Hosting” and “Infrastructure”.
•Loaded with RAM, the “Enterprise” offers consist of multi-purpose industry servers, recommended for business applications (accounting, payroll …), web activity and file servers as well.
•The “Hosting” servers, integrating from 16 to 128 IP failovers, are tailor-made for virtualization and mutualization (hosting hundreds of sites or virtual machines).
•The high availability “Infrastructure” line is characterized by a never-before-seen private network solution, the vRack, which allows servers belonging to the same client to interconnect between one or many data centers. It was conceived for externalization purposes, hybrid infrastructures deployment and the implementation of PRA and PCA.

For these offers, a dozen of options can be personalized, on both hardware and functionalities: frame, CPU, RAM, RAID, bandwidth…

Moreover, people who are looking for completely customized servers can choose HG and BIG HG models, which allow every possible combinations of CPU, disks, RAM, SSD, SAS… The user designs his own server, OVH builds it, places it in its bay and connects it to the network in record time with its new industrial process.
The SyS servers feature Intel processors (Xeon E3-1225v2 type) and the possibility to choose between a SSD and/or a RAID card and up to 48 gig of RAM. The “Backup” line, which is specially designed for data saving, offers disk space of up to 24 TB.
Second generation machines offering more than a dozen processors of your choice, up to 4 cores and 16 gig of RAM and can reach up to 100 Mbps of bandwidth.

Every one of OVH’s dedicated servers includes from 60 to 90 pre-installable distributions, as well as mitigation for protection against possible DDoS attacks. They are also connected to a worldwide network of 2.5 Tbps, owned by the hosting provider. Depending on the offer, these machines are available in the provider’s data centers in Canada (near Montreal) and in France to be closer to its clients. Located outside of the zones covered by the Patriot Act, these data centers offer similar services and are geographically distant to insure redundancy and continuity of service.

*Source Netcraft, January 2014