Press Release

OVH Gold Sponsor of DockerCon 2015

Press Release

In 2013, OVH sought to use internally and benefit its customers with Docker open source technology, which was a revolutionary development for packing and deploying applications at the time. A major gathering of the devop and sysadmin community, DockerCon Europe is the perfect occasion for OVH to introduce Sailabove, its hosting service of Docker containers.

Create, launch and execute containers in a few seconds, link and communicate through private networks, these are the promises to Sailabove developers.

“With Sailabove, our project aims to simplify and accelerate execution and time required to put containers into production, without having to worry about infrastructure. On Sailabove, a developer can push all the Dockers necessary for his/her application, in a few seconds, pushing several containers across several machines and with all the flexibility of the RunAbove cloud. We bring to Docker an ideal run environment, especially for complex applications composed of multiple services. This is the first step towards a PaaS which is more targeted and ready to use,” explains Jean-Tiare Le Bigot, the technical manager of the project.

As an example of this new PaaS, the European cloud leader has chosen to deploy, on Sailabove, IoT PaaS TimeSeries, its own platform dedicated to connected devices.
Throughout the entire DockerCon event, the lead techs of SailAbove and IoT PaaS TimeSeries will answer visitor’s questions at booth number 17.
OVH will present two technical sessions:

•On Monday November 16 at 1:30 PM Thomas Maurice will present a session around the subject of “Sailabove: Container as a Service by OVH Group” in the Community Theater.

•On Tuesday November 17 at 3:55 PM, Jean-Tiaré Le Bigot, will present a conference dedicated to SailAbove entitled, “Container Torture: run any binary in any running container. 0 patch,” for techno black belts.

To learn more, visit the SailAbove website:

Discover IoT PaaS TimeSeries: