Press Release

OVHcloud launches managed Web Hosting offers in Australia

Press Release

OVHcloud is responding to Australia’s rapidly growing digital economy by introducing a new all-in-one web hosting and domain names solution, to further its commitment to partners and resellers competing in the web hosting market. In addition to its extensive portfolio of solutions, OVHcloud offers small and medium tech businesses, regional web hosting service providers, and web and digital agencies a comprehensive suite of solutions with the best price-performance ratio to give them an edge in small and medium enterprise (SME) markets.

OVHcloud’s decision to provide its web hosting and domain name offerings in Asia Pacific to resellers and partners comes at a time where businesses are looking to accelerate or kickstart their digital presence upon witnessing the digital economy’s massive potential in the digital-first world. Economic studies show potentially substantial dividends from embracing digital technologies adding as much as A$66 billion to the Australian economy by 2020. It has also been predicted that by 2021, digital transformation initiatives will contribute more than US$1 trillion to Asia Pacific’s GDP with 60 per cent of the region’s GDP coming from digital products or services. Beyond Asia Pacific, the web hosting and domain name offerings are also available in Europe, Latin America and Canada, enabling OVHcloud to support international scaling and development.

A secure offer, a predictive price, a powerful plan

The addition of web hosting and domain names enhances OVHcloud’s Asia Pacific portfolio of solutions, which already consists of Dedicated Servers and Public Cloud offerings. From the design of servers, management of datacenters to the orchestration of the fiber optic network, OVHcloud maintains the integrity of the entire chain in order to generate maximum value, ease of use and security.

With a diverse set of tools, OVHcloud’s new offerings are easy to use and scale for a wide variety of users, ranging from small businesses to large multi-faceted organisations, making it simple for resellers and partners to support professional websites, blogs, online retailers – any project that needs the support of the cloud to launch and scale.

In Australia, OVHcloud's web hosting offers guaranteed optimal online visibility and centralisation of all services, with the Performance Hosting package catering to web agencies, developers and resellers in particular. Designed for the most complex or growing web activities, including multi-sites or ecommerce sites, the Performance Hosting package allows the easy adjustment of resources to manage the most demanding projects on an ad hoc basis, using the Boost option or permanently leveraging the four performance levels.

These adjustments ensure users always have the resources guaranteed to help absorb peak loads. In an all-inclusive offer with content delivery network (CDN), structured query language (SQL) and SSL, the Performance offer will support the development of online stores, web agencies and developers, small and medium enterprises, software as a service (SaaS) publishers, resellers and corporate websites. The high performance and ultra-competitive hosting include unlimited monthly traffic, anti-DDoS protection, free domain name for the first year, free Let’s Encrypt Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, choice of four content management system (CMS) modules and the following features:

  • 1 free domain name
  • 500 GB of disk space
  • Boost Option
  • Up to 1000 email addresses
  • Optimised for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Prestashop

An idea, a project, a domain name

Every web project starts with a domain name that is included* across all hosting options. With over 800 extensions available (generic, thematic, geographic), professionals and distributors can build a project in their own image. They also benefit from OVHcloud's security expertise to safeguard their digital identity and protect against fraudulent transfers.

Additionally, the ultra-competitive price and the absence of hidden fees upon renewal makes OVHcloud domain names the ideal offer to optimise the lifespan of online projects. Advantages of OVHcloud domain names include:

  • Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC): protection against cache poisoning (Domain Name System (DNS) server poisoning)
  • Easy Redirect: simplified implementation of a redirection from your domain name to a social network, for example
    • DNS zone management for greater flexibility and customisation
    • Renewal without hidden fees

Since 1999, OVHcloud has established itself in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific as the Cloud alternative, perfecting an open, reversible and transparent model that places freedom of choice and data protection at the heart of its priorities. Today, the European leader in Cloud solutions powers more than 3 million websites and 18 million applications in its 30 data centres around the world, with strict respect for the digital sovereignty of each of its users.

*Free domain name offered for the first year on all hosting offers