Press Release

VPS 2016 Performance Up by 23% to 198%

Press Release

The VPS offers professionals a dynamic platform, capable of increasing power which they can fully administer (root access). This is the progressive transition between the self-control of a dedicated server and the flexibility offered by virtualization which is becoming an indispensable product on the hosting market.


With this new VPS, SSD disks are now an integral part of the OVH offer. Providing reduced latency and access times, VPS SSD shows improved performance of between 57% and 198% in comparison to the previous VPS Classic range.
Three configurations are possible, offering from 2 to 8 GB of RAM and from 10 to 40 GB of SSD capacity, all of which meet the growing needs of professionals in terms of storage. The offer provides customers the benefits of unlimited reinstallations of their virtual machine and the ability to reboot. VPS SSD is ideal for testing, hosting applications or monitoring.

VPS Cloud

The VPS Cloud range also offers the choice of three configuration. Offers start with 1 vCore, 2 GB RAM and 25 GB of storage and go up to 4 vCores, 8 GB of RAM and 100 GB of storage.
Bandwidth is guaranteed at 100 Mbps, while NVMe Ceph disks make up a good portion of high available storage, without compromising scalability or fault tolerance. VPS Cloud permits multi-protocol backups and offers snapshot services, while OVH provides an SLA of 99.99%, guaranteeing service stability. The VPS Cloud offer meets the business needs of e-tailers, freelancers and web agencies.

Integrated services make the difference

Each of the VPS 2016 ranges have several services in common, notably: anti-DDoS protection, management via OpenStack KVM, load distribution with Load Balancing IP, access to the OVH API, and simplified management. Soon they will benefit from improvements including: IP failover to ensure business continuity and IP geo localization to optimize local search.

“These new VPS ranges highlight our ambition to offer the most recent technologies on the market at very competitive prices”, indicates Jean-Guillaume Burlet, manager of VPS services at OVH. “Our customers can count on us to provide robust, highly available and secure services so that they can focus on their business.”

Trevor Adams, director of T&C Services Ltd. and OVH customer in the United Kingdom adds, “I chose the OVH VPS platform because it is the perfect tradeoff between performance, flexibility and cost. I can customize each machine and deploy my business applications automatically. The OVH network allows me to build my business and has never let me down.”