OVHcloud launches Managed Databases for MongoDB – Enterprise plan designed for business-critical and sensitive workloads


OVHcloud strengthens its MongoDB-as-a-Service offering while making business intelligence use cases more seamless

OVHcloud today announced at MongoDB.local Paris the availability of its Managed Databases for MongoDB – Enterprise Plan in free beta. The extension of this partnership offers faster innovation with secure data governance for sovereignty-cautious organisations ensuring they can harness the power of their data to build better applications.

Adopting MongoDB as a Service on OVHcloud allows developer teams to reduce deployment time by freeing them from managing database services (including installation, maintenance, security, backup, scalability and monitoring).

MongoDB is the world’s most popular Application Data Platform and has a huge developer community. Its software has been downloaded over 240 million times and is used by over 33,000+ customers worldwide. Complementing the existing Managed Databases for MongoDB Essential and Business plans powered by the MongoDB Community Edition, this new service plan is a fully managed service operated by OVHcloud, which includes MongoDB Enterprise Advanced features, enabling organisations to benefit from the most advanced MongoDB capabilities as-a-Service.

This new service includes additional features such as:

  • Enhanced security features such as data at-rest encryption
  • Advanced audit log capabilities
  • Seamless backups
  • Support for MongoDB BI Connector that makes it easy to create powerful visualisations of data with popular analysis tools such as Tableau, Power BI, or Excel

Customers can leverage MongoDB Consulting services to work directly with MongoDB experts optimise their architecture, improve the performance of their database and modernise schema designs.

"The collaboration with OVHcloud over the past year has brought together its trusted cloud and our leading data platform to power critical applications,’ said Haim Ribbi, Regional Vice President of Partners, EMEA at MongoDB. ‘We have helped organisations in highly regulated European sectors such as government, finance and defense harness the power of their data while still being confident in the security and sovereignty of it. By adding MongoDB Enterprise Advanced to its managed databases, OVHcloud is enabling its customers to do even more with their software and data."

"To accelerate our PaaS footprint, we need to offer a Database-as-a-Service catalogue to support companies needs on an open, reversible European cloud. Today, we are taking another step with our partner MongoDB by offering the Enterprise Plan license, available in free beta for companies and organisations wishing to use advanced MongoDB features" says Sylvain Rouri, Chief Sales Officer at OVHcloud.