[Our Innovations] OVHcloud launches AI Deploy to facilitate apps deployment

Trusted Cloud

OVHcloud, the European cloud leader, today announces the global availability of AI Deploy. Previously in Beta version, the service is now live and open to all customers, completing OVHcloud’s portfolio of AI solutions geared towards data scientists.

Designed to ease the work of AI teams, AI Deploy allows for prodding previously trained models (or even apps). The deployment process is usually known to be complex and expensive. Acting as a managed service, AI Deploy elegantly hides the complexity of the infrastructure and its scaling so that one can focus on what matters when creating value with data: models or apps running in production and their effective relevance and ROI. New since the Beta version: a number of features have been added to AI Deploy like autoscaling where customers can set triggers to dedicate more compute resources at a defined moment in time, providing an optimized price/performance ratio. Readiness probe is another feature that performs a health check so that deploy start only if traffic is fluid. AI Deploy also integrates itself in the newly designed dashboard giving customers at-a glance parameters on their OVHcloud AI solutions.

With a complete set of managed services for the data cycle through the AI pipeline, OVHcloud is able to offer predictable costs with AI Deploy thanks to a simple pay-as-you go pricing model with unlimited calls easing the decision making and understanding of expected ROI.

Perfect for effortlessly deploying models or apps through the manager, the API or command line, AI Deploy is tailored for startups, tech companies and also AI consulting firms providing a smooth and simple experience backed by OVHcloud trusted Cloud ensuring data confidentiality.

AI Deploy is available today. Pricing information is available here.