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Les Assises 2022: OVHcloud expands its ambitions towards SecNumCloud offerings and leverages its industrial expertise to address the most sensitive use cases

Press Release

As the 2022 edition of Les Assises – the founding event of the cybersecurity market held in Monaco - will open its doors on 12 October, OVHcloud reaffirms its commitment toward the ANSSI's (French Agence Nationale pour la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information) SecNumCloud qualification. The European leader in the cloud spearheading a trusted cloud, is continuing to invest in order to apply this level of security to its entire Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) portfolio, as well as to its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions. Building on its unique and sustainable integrated industrial model, the Group will deploy a white-label Datacenter-as-a-Service model for the most demanding use cases related to the operation of sensitive data, whether on its customers' datacenter sites, at Edge or on its own datacenters.

Aiming at SecNumCloud, from infrastructure to platforms

While the ANSSI's SecNumCloud security visa has established itself on a European scale as the most demanding qualification in terms of security in the cloud and distinguishes itself by its singular attention to sovereignty issues, particularly by protecting data from exposure to extraterritorial laws, OVHcloud is committed not only to renewing the qualification of its Hosted Private Cloud infrastructure services, but also to extending its qualification efforts to its entire portfolio. Thus, the Group intends to offer its PaaS services such as containerization, storage and security services in a security scheme that meets the highest standards defined by the ANSSI (French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems). This renewed commitment is in line with the Group's certification policy, whether it be national standards such as AgiD in Italy, ENS in Spain or C5 in Germany, or business-specific certification schemes, which are particularly relevant for banking data (PCIDSS) or health data (HDS).

Building on a dynamic growth in the Platform-as-a-Service segment, OVHcloud Public Cloud offers expands with seven core features: computing capacity, databases, storage, security, networking, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. All of these solutions will be available from the first half of 2023, with the opening of a new cloud region in Greater Paris, and the Group plans to share the orchestration software for its public cloud as part of an open-source approach.

« If it is obviously at the heart of the French State's Cloud Doctrine, the SecNumCloud qualification has now become a reference beyond our own borders. It is therefore an investment in line with our ambitions that we now confirm, in order to keep on building a sovereign and sustainable cloud that federates an ecosystem, enriched with software editors to promote a technology that is true to our European values. We plan to submit our applications in the coming months in order to extend our commitments and expand our offer, both for our public and private customer » explains Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud 

Deploying ultra-private environments for the most sensitive use cases

For nearly 20 years, OVHcloud has built a vertically integrated model that is unique in the cloud market, providing control over the entire value chain while achieving the best environmental efficiency scores on the market. With this industrial expertise combining the design of datacenters and servers, and the orchestration of software layers in an open source approach, the Group confirms its ability to operate its IaaS and PaaS offerings, whether in its customers' infrastructures, in a Datacenter-as-a-Service configuration, in Edge mode or in its own datacenters.

By providing a concrete response to the growing demands of customers looking for ultra-private environments, cost control and agility in their operations, OVHcloud is adapting to deploy its entire portfolio under conditions that guarantee the highest level of sovereignty. It confirms its position as a trusted partner, capable of accompanying the most demanding use cases to deploy an open, reversible and transparent cloud, guaranteeing unfettered freedom of choice.

« We are able to provide cost-effective and sustainable Iaas and PaaS solutions to the hyper-security challenges of our customers operating sensitive data. This model is in line with the developments carried out by OVHcloud for more than 20 years and will allow us both to carry our model in a disconnected way, but also to address the growing needs linked to the rise of Edge Computing solutions, whatever the level of requirement of our customers » added Michel Paulin.


About OVHcloud

OVHcloud is a global player and the leading European cloud provider operating 400,000 servers within over 33 data centers across four continents. For 20 years, the Group has been leveraging an integrated model that provides complete control of our value chain, from designing our servers to managing our data centers to orchestrating our fiber-optic network. This unique approach enables OVHcloud to independently cover the full spectrum of use cases for our 1.6 million customers across 140 countries. OVHcloud now offers customers the latest-generation solutions that combine high performance, predictable pricing, and complete data sovereignty to support their unfettered growth.

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