[They Trust Us] OVHcloud supports the first edition of Cybersecurity Challenge 404 CTF


Born at the instigation of the HackademINT Cybersecurity Club (Telecom SudParis school of engineering) and the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE, French secret service), the 404 CTF gathered more than 2,700 participants around 71 Cybersecurity challenges from 16 May to 10 June 2022. OVHcloud was chosen as technical partner of the event and provided the platform that supported the entire competition.

OVHcloud supported the HackademINT club to design a public cloud infrastructure that could host several thousand users, to solve the Capture The Flag challenges offered for one month. The organisation of the challenge and OVHcloud met on June 17th at the DGSE booth at VivaTech to reward the major winner Thorn and the top 20 in the ranking.

`The choice of a European operator was our first criterion for developing such a project in partnership with the Ministry of the Armed Forces. Our search for a scalable, provider-managed platform quickly led us to choose OVHcloud with their Managed Kubernetes and S3-compatible Object Storage services. We welcome OVHcloud’s technical support for project development, and the robustness of the tried-and-tested infrastructure throughout the challenge,” commented Quentin Michaud, President of HackademINT and Martin Spiering, HackademINT Infrastructure Manager (Read the full review of 404 CTF).

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