[Trusted Cloud Digest] As part of its initiatives to raise awareness about digital sovereignty in Europe, OVHcloud organizes a conference in Warsaw, Poland

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Digital sovereignty is at the heart of the agenda of the 6-month French Presidency of the Council of the European Union (called PFUE), from 1st January to 30th June 2022. As part of the PFUE, OVHcloud has launched a series of travelling conferences on digital sovereignty in several European capitals, in collaboration with the French consular network. The objective of these conferences is to raise awareness about sovereignty in key European countries and shed the light on the need of sovereign solutions in specifics sectors. After Berlin and Paris, Warsaw happened to be the next stage of this European tour.


This conference in Warsaw was more specifically dedicated to digital sovereignty in the healthcare sector, bringing together experts and major political stakeholders such as Frédéric Billet, French Ambassador to Poland, Janusz Cieszyński, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs or Mikołaj Gurdała, Health Ecosystem Lead for Poland. The aim was to address public and private Polish decision-makers and raise their awareness about the challenges and consequences of their choices in terms of digital data management in the cloud, particularly in the health and medical tech sector.

The first debate was devoted to the European approach on digital sovereignty. The conference also addressed the role of GDPR, as well as the most sensitive issues from the perspective of data processing and protection, including data security in the business sector. Digital sovereignty was presented as the right to choose and the ability to change providers, as monopoly is a threat to innovation, the market and customers.

As Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud, emphasised, « European sovereignty must also be considered from a technological perspective. It is necessary to secure key elements of European technology in order to avoid dependence on global players. However, this cannot be done without investing in R&D on the old continent and without the favour of the European authorities. »

All participants agreed that the implementation of an adapted regulation is necessary but insufficient to achieve digital sovereignty. Established rules still need to be universally respected.

The second debate focused on issues related to data processing in healthcare (“Data processing in Healthcare: Challenges, difficulties, forecasts”). The importance of security of sensitive data, its processing, and the role of technology in the medical sector were discussed. The whole assembly agreed that data is the new currency, so acting on its sovereignty is essential.

At the end of the conference, the results of a competition for Polish startups from the eHealth sector were announced. The award was presented to MedApp, a Polish company that deals with innovative forms of imaging in medicine.


It was an essential and symbolic step for OVHcloud to lead this conference in Warsaw. The company has strong local roots in Poland, and a part of its history: it is where the founder Octave Klaba is born and where in 2004, OVHcloud opened its first subsidiary.

OVHcloud, as the number one European cloud pure player, will always commit to be the trusted cloud provider who enables each person to create and do business freely by offering a human and open cloud, sustainable, reversible and interoperable. To support its values and discuss digital sovereignty, OVHcloud will hold the next conference in Madrid, Spain, on 23 March.


Watch the replay of the event