[Global Scale] OVHcloud wins the FAS Grand Prize for employee share plan


The FAS Grand Prix for Employee Share Ownership, created in 2004 by the French Federation of Employee Shareholder Associations (FAS), honors each year the companies that develop the best practices in employee share ownership.

At the end of December 2021, the FAS honored OVHcloud by awarding the company the Grand Prix de la FAS, the highest distinction. This prize rewards our Initial Public Offering (IPO), which was carried out in conjunction with a very ambitious and successful first employee shareholding operation, as well as a dynamic approach, which was marked by the use of all possible mechanisms: internationalization of the offer, unilateral matching contribution and 30% discount introduced by the PACTE law, and excellent communication with employees.

OVHcloud was particularly congratulate for its determination to involve all employees in the shareholding adventure. As a result, 98% of employees became shareholders in this first operation. A real success!

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