[Trusted Cloud Digest] Gaia-X, an ambitious initiative at a crossroads

Trusted Cloud

Gaia-X is an initiative implemented by France and Germany, then joined by partners from other European countries, with the objective of developing common requirements and standards for the implementation of a decentralised, open, transparent and sovereign data infrastructure. From Gaia-X will emerge an interconnected system that connects multiple cloud service providers to increase the availability of digital services and create new opportunities for value and business innovation.

At OVHcloud, we are convinced that Gaia-X now has all the keys to building a trusted European cloud and to rebalancing the cloud market. This is the moment when we must not give up but, on the contrary, intensify our efforts because we are at a crossroads.

Officially created in January 2021, the association has become more structured, a new pan-European board has been appointed, and its members are now ready to take action and develop concrete measures to promote an open, reversible, interoperable and transparent European data market.

As proof, Gaia-X announced on November 19th the creation of a framework of labels that are both relevant and gradual, allowing users to identify services that are compatible with their expectations and values. It has also published the first versions of its technical architecture document (policy rules document), which paves the way for the development of federated cloud services that will help meet the expectations that users have begun to express in the use cases of vertical data spaces.

The first project using Gaia-X standards, Catena-X, bringing together players in the French and German automotive sector, will get off to a real start in the coming months. It will also make the achievement of Gaia-X’s goal of allowing European players to use and exchange data securely within their industries, in a trusted ecosystem even more concrete.


“The road was long and tangled but we decided to stay. However, the company will be particularly vigilant and active in ensuring that Gaia-X lives up to the expectations of its founding members and does not deviate from its original objectives in terms of data protection, transparency, openness and sovereignty"
Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud


We must not lay down our arms today because the future of one of the most promising European sectors is at stake now and in the coming months. European players must show unity and work together to offer an alternative to hyperscalers. We will continue to invest ourselves, both within the Gaia-X Board, as Frédéric Ethève (OVHcloud COO) was elected as Vice-President of Infrastructure. We also invest in our local hubs that are being deployed around the world, in order to be a driving force within Gaia-X and to carry our convictions loud and clear in terms of data protection, portability, and interoperability.

We will be particularly attentive to the progress made so that the vision of the founding members is translated into operational reality and allows the economic power of data to be unleashed for the benefit of users.