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Trusted Cloud: SecNumCloud-certified OVHcloud’s offering is now available

Press Release
Trusted Cloud

Roubaix (France), September 2nd, 2021

OVHcloud, Europe’s leading cloud provider, announced today the availability of its Hosted Private Cloud solution, which was granted the SecNumCloud Security Visa certification by France’s National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI). OVHcloud thus confirms its ambition to support the most critical cloud hosting needs of businesses and public sector organisations, all the while seeking to facilitate the identification of trusted solutions within the digital ecosystem.

Earlier in 2021, OVHcloud earned the SecNumCloud certification in France for its Hosted Private Cloud offering, which was previously certified for the hosting of sensitive data in the healthcare sector (HDS) and banking sector (PCI-DSS). OVHcloud’s SecNumCloud-certified solution is now available for organisations from the company’s new hyper-secure data centers, which are connected to a fully isolated network, with end-to-end encryption. This ‘trusted zone’ is intended to eventually form a portfolio of OVHcloud solutions – such as ranges of dedicated servers – that meet the highest security and data protection standards. OVHcloud’s ambition is now to achieve the SecNumCloud certification for all its cloud services. The trusted zone will also be extended to the European space by systematically aligning with the frameworks of European cybersecurity agencies, such as Germany’s C5, Italy’s AGID and ENISA’s EUCS. This strategy is meant to ease the adoption of a multi-local Trusted Cloud for the most demanding organizations within a framework that is immune to any extraterritorial legislation.

The Hosted Private Cloud service integrates VMware virtualization technologies in a fully automated platform by OVHcloud and is designed for companies wishing to secure their data in a fully dedicated, inherently hybrid and hyper scalable cloud. The SecNumCloud qualification ensures that the solution is particularly well suited to the modernization needs of government agencies, Critical Service Operators (CSOs), and any entity that handles sensitive or strategic data.


“The opening of OVHcloud’s trusted zone is great news for the market, and another milestone in a long-standing relationship,” said Jerome Siméon, CEO Southern & Central Europe at Capgemini. “We look forward to being able to combine our expertise with OVHcloud’s unique know-how to provide a Trusted Cloud to businesses, but also to public sector organisations through our partnership within the French Union of Public Purchasing Groups (UGAP).”


Enabling the reading of trusted solutions in Europe

The SecNumCloud certification, ANSSI’s Security Visa, is a guarantee of security for the French digital ecosystem and the protection of users. OVHcloud wants to encourage the identification of solutions that are hosted inside the trusted zone by granting the Sovereign Open Trusted Cloud label to its concerned customers.

Solutions labelled as “Sovereign Open Trusted Cloud” will be available from the OVHcloud Marketplace where they will be highlighted as trusted solutions. This approach is expected to drive the emergence of trusted SaaS or PaaS services benefiting to the digital ecosystem.

Partner businesses of the Open Trusted Cloud programme will gather to share their feedback during the Open Trusted Cloud Day, hosted by OVHcloud on September 16, 2021 and available in streaming.


"We are very proud at VMware to support OVHcloud in this major project which offers a trusted cloud accessible to as many people as possible.” says Olivier Savornin, VP, Country Manager of VMware France. “By putting our expertise in the most modern Cloud infrastructures at the service of the OVHcloud platform, we have built a competitive and reliable solution that meets the challenges of organizations' sovereignty and security."

« TEHTRIS, historical OVHCloud customer and partner is proud to be able to benefit from this physically and logically isolated cloud offering from its launch, comments Ingrid Söllner, Chief Marketing Officer at TEHTRIS.

Since 2013, TEHTRIS has been using its proprietary, secure and automated TEHTRIX OS for all appliances and products. The SecNumCloud qualification of OVHCloud's offer by ANSSI, allows TEHTRIS to offer its customers an innovative European sovereign trust solution built on recognized repositories. This opens, in the cloud, cybersecurity conditions aligned with those of an "on-premise" information system and meeting the most demanding Information Systems Security Policies.

Customers of the TEHTRIS service offering hosted on OVHCloud's SecNumCloud qualified infrastructure will be able to benefit from an ANSSI security visa. » 

“We are proud to offer today our first SecNumCloud-certified private cloud solution. The expectations and first reactions expressed in our ecosystem confirm that there is a true convergence towards a Trusted Cloud accessible to the greatest possible number of users. That is why we will continue our efforts to deploy new solutions that meet the highest data protection requirements, on an international scale, for the benefit of users,” Caroline Comet-Fraigneau, VP France Benelux & Africa at OVHcloud notes.


About ANSSI Security Visas

ANSSI Security Visas enable you to identify reliable and recognised security solutions following an evaluation carried out by approved laboratories using a rigorous and proven methodology. This assessment takes the form of penetration tests and in-depth analysis to verify the compliance of these solutions with the corresponding requirement frameworks. A Security Visa is delivered, depending on the context and need, by a certification or qualification. Security Visas are a guarantee of security for users.

About OVHcloud

OVHcloud is a global player and Europe’s leading cloud provider operating over 400,000 servers within 33 data centers across four continents. For 20 years, the Group has relied on an integrated model that provides complete control of its value chain: from the design of its servers, to the construction and management of its data centers, including the orchestration of its fiber-optic network. This unique approach allows it to independently cover all the uses of its 1.6 million customers in more than 140 countries. OVHcloud now offers latest generation solutions combining performance, price predictability and total sovereignty over their data to support their growth in complete freedom.

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