[In Our Programs] OVHcloud is investing in mentoring as part of its Startup Program


As part of its Startup Program, OVHcloud offers mentoring support, available worldwide. This way, OVHcloud employees provide Startups with their expertise and experience to help them develop their business.

When entrepreneurs set up a business, they focus on the essentials for getting it off the ground and do not always have the time, means or skills to develop other aspects of their business; aspects that can sometimes be very useful and make a difference.

In this sense, the Startup Program's objective is to offer startups a choice of mentors who cover the different areas they would like to work on in their development: marketing, communication, social networks but also business strategies, artificial intelligence, server infrastructure, CSR, human resources and many other areas...

Each startup has a 6-hour personalised support period for 3 months, for each topic they choose, with their mentor.

The Mentoring for Startups is a significant contribution to the development of young business activity, but above all, it is a human adventure that allows the Mentors/Startups team to exchange ideas, learn and develop a unique bond that lasts beyond the official mentoring duration, as demonstrated by Daoud Ghalimi, CEO and founder of the Bandswith startup, supported by Erika Gelinard, Product Marketing Manager:

« We have developed a very good relationship with Erika and we feel very comfortable in her company. We feel that her involvement in our project is sincere and it is very nice to feel supported in this way. Her advice and guidance is always kind and relevant. »

To date, 37 startups have been supported by 36 mentors in the two sessions combined. The second Mentoring session ended this spring 2022: the closing event was held on 7 april. And this is just the beginning! The Mentoring for Startup is a long-term initiative that is bound to last.

We are very proud to be involved in Mentoring and congratulate all of our mentors who participated in both sessions. It is essential for OVHcloud to be able to help the Startups in the program by offering them the opportunity to acquire skills that will remain useful in the continuity of their development.

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