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OVH addresses compute-intensive needs with its new Infrastructure dedicated servers

Press Release
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Six months after announcing a complete revamp of its dedicated server ranges, OVH is now launching its new Infrastructure range, which addresses the scalability and performance requirements of medium-size companies, government agencies and universities when it comes to building clustered server architectures or managing big databases, along with numerous other applications.

Equipped with high-speed connectivity and advanced networking and security features, OVH’s Infrastructure range of dedicated servers can be implemented for a diverse range of use cases, from media and video processing to high-performance computing, financial analytics and virtualisation.

Servers designed to build your own cloud…

In order to maximise performance for users, the new range provides four configurations, priced from €99.99 to €284.99 monthly, each of which is designed for complementary use cases, to help you build your own cloud infrastructure[1]:

  • INFRA-1 and INFRA-2 servers are particularly well-suited to media/video processing and 2D/3D applications. They are equipped with Intel Xeon E-2274G and E-2288G processors, respectively, and the Intel UHD Graphics P630 technology, allowing for better graphics rendering. Both servers provide advanced security features, based on the Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) technology, which completely separates the code being executed and the data being processed.
  • INFRA-3 servers enable the deployment of high-performance architectures for virtualisation or containerisation, as well as the ability to conduct complex analytics or build virtual offices. A brand-new configuration by OVH, INFRA-3 features the AMD Epyc 7371 processor, which is one of the industry’s most efficient 16-core CPUs, specifically designed for datacentres.
  • Finally, OVH offers INFRA-4 servers to meet the execution requirements of complex workloads, and for the deployment of virtual environments and containers. As the only dual-processor configuration in the Infrastructure range, INFRA-4 is based on the second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

All servers in the Infrastructure range leverage the latest OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA) technology, which makes it possible to aggregate the network interfaces of each server to increase its availability, while simultaneously isolating the server from the public network and any potential threats.

“This new range is part of OVH’s approach to offering the best technology by working closely with our industrial partners,” said Ludovic Dargent, Dedicated Server Manager at OVH. “Innovation at OVH is deeply intertwined with our customers’ feedback and objectives. Each configuration in our new Infrastructure range meets specific needs that have been identified with customers wishing to develop increasingly higher-performance infrastructures.”

…leveraging OVH ‘s infrastructure and network

Like all OVH’s dedicated servers, the new range meets the most stringent security standards, such as compliance to ISO/IEC 27001, and includes all the usual features provided by OVH, such as built-in anti-DDoS protection, along with the ability to interconnect all servers and cloud services to OVH’s private network, vRack. In addition, the new servers leverage OVH’s robust network, including a public network bandwidth ranging from 1Gbps (standard) to 4Gbps (optional), and the vRack offering bandwidth ranging from 2Gbps (standard) to 5Gbps (optional).

[1] See all technical specifications and use cases at