Press Release

OVH opens an office in Station F

Press Release

For Octave Klaba, OVH Founder and Chaiman: “It is very important for OVH to be as close as possible to the startup ecosystem, so that we can offer technical infrastructure solutions and promote a European vision of technology. Station F is a hotspot for this, and I’m very happy that we have a place there.”

Roxanne Varza, Director of Station F, adds: We are extremely excited to welcome OVH to Station F. OVH represents not only a terrific solution and offer that many of our startups build their products on, but also an incredible entrepreneurial story that many of our entrepreneurs look up to."

What does the OVH/Station F partnership involve?

Three years ago, OVH launched its own startup program — the Digital Launch Pad. Its aim is to help startups grow by providing them with the technical infrastructures they need for free, and by supporting them in their development.

Via the OVH Digital Launch Pad, startups from Station F can get complimentary credit for OVH cloud infrastructures — up to €30,000 per year rather than the €10,000 they would usually be offered. Thanks to the opening of OVH offices within Station F, startups from the Parisian startup campus can now get access to tailored on-site events and training.

Being close to both customers and partners is a key part of OVH’s identity. Since it was founded, it has always looked to develop an innovative, open, and well thought-out cloud for its customers and partners. We also call this a SMART cloud:

- Simple and quick to configure

- Multi-local, all over the world

- Accessible

- Reversible and open (open-source)

- Transparent and responsible — a true European alternative to the industry’s giants.