[Connected Leaders] OVHcloud wins Cloud Operator award from L'Informaticien


Palmarès L'Informaticien 2021


The IT Professionals Award "Palmarès de l'Informaticien" is given annually to digital solutions, which have been recognised by a panel of experts and are divided into five categories: Applications, Security, Hardware, Networks and Cloud. In 2021, OVHcloud was awarded the “Cloud Operator” award for this last category, during a ceremony that brought together a number of players from across the ecosystem.

Award-winning companies include several OVHcloud customers and/or partners, such as Atempo (Archiving Solution), Cegid (Accounting Software), Harfanglab (XDR/EDR), Mailinblack (Email Protection Software), (Threat Intelligence) and Wallix (Privileged Access Management).

“We are particularly proud to receive this award alongside major international technology players. Such an event is indicative of the forces at play that are shaping a European model that is both technologically competitive and respectful of its users,” comments Caroline Comet-Fraigneau, VP France, Benelux and Afrique at OVHcloud.

More informations on the website of the “Palmarès de l’Informaticien”: