[We Commit] OVHcloud wins Sustainable Industry Award in ‘Circular Economy’ category


The sustainable industry awards recognise innovative projects and companies that have carried out projects that combine profitability and sustainability in the industrial sectors (energy, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, aeronautics, etc.).

For the 2022 edition of the morning of Sustainable Industry, organised on 28 June in Paris, the jury awarded OVHcloud the “Circular Economy” trophy for its project to repackage the electronic components deployed within its supply chain.

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80% of a server’s carbon footprint comes from its manufacturing. Based on this observation, the OVHcloud industrial model integrates the sorting of server parts at the end of the cycle in order to optimise the lifespan of the components used, and reduce the carbon footprint attributed to the production of new servers. The entire sorting and repackaging process is carried out by OVHcloud teams in its plants in Croix (France) and Beauharnois (Canada).

Nearly 400,000 components were refurbished and returned to service on OVHcloud servers in one year. For example, a server built with a reconditioned hard drive can halve its carbon bill. OVHcloud’s unique industrial model provides a significant use case here to reduce the impact of Digital on the environment.
Congratulations to the teams who work every day on designing, building the servers, and installing and maintaining OVHcloud infrastructures around the world.

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Yona Brawerman, responsable RSE & Georges de Galmyn, Chief Industry Officer du Groupe OVHcloud

Yona Brawerman, Chief Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility and Georges de Gaulmyn, Chief Industry Officer of OVHcloud