The adventure starts here

Being open, building trust, innovating and succeeding together - join the OVHcloud adventure!

At OVHcloud we are looking for people who share our values, and our passion for championing a trusted, secure, open cloud for everyone. If that’s you – join us and let’s do amazing things together!


We care for our people

Our people are the cornerstone of our DNA. We support each other by working together. We are committed to a quality work life and to creating a healthy work environment where everyone can grow in line with their own personal values and ours.

We scout for talent wherever it is

We make a point of actively looking for talent where it is. We offer flexibility to our employees - our remote tools and our organization allow us to keep working with full efficiency even if we are not physically close to one another. We are also committed to training our teams to work in any kind of setting, no matter the office location or time zones.

We cultivate our people’s careers and talents

We support our people in developing their careers with us. This can take many forms, as there are many internal opportunities. So our people can continue to evolve and grow, we are committed to helping them cultivate their talents. We want everyone in the team to rise to the challenge and enjoy the adventure.

We make everyone part of our team

We aim to empower people with the freedom to achieve their ambitions. Therefore, we have created an extensive onboarding program to help integrate our talented new team members. No matter which squad you are joining, this onboarding program gives you an overview of how you can start building your network, as well introducing you  to the company’s different departments and your future work environment. Our positions are open to everyone, regardless of social or ethnic origin, creed, gender, disabilities, age.

Our Company

We are the leading European cloud provider with a global presence – dedicated to bringing secure, trusted, open cloud solutions to everyone. Serving over 1.6 million customers around the world, we specialize in delivering industry-leading performance and cost-effective solutions to help our customers better manage, secure and scale data.

Our people manifesto

For more than 20 years, OVHcloud has aimed to empower people with the freedom to achieve their ambitions.

People are the core of our DNA and OVHcloud is above all a human adventure. It’s a story of likeminded people who share the same values, the same working ethics, a common purpose, and the pleasure of working together. Joining OVHcloud is to participate in a challenge: to become the European player who dares to challenge the giants of the cloud.

Our team is bound by authentic values that bring us together daily, allow us to have healthy relationships without idealizing them, and guide us in everything we do. These values are the essence of our mindset.

We dare to be different because where we want to go there is no predestined road: it’s a new world for us to build and explore. We want Innovation for Freedom. If you share our values, then look no further, you are in the right place – join us on the OVHcloud adventure!

Our purpose

The digital world around us is changing at an exponential rate—every day. It is shaping and reimagining how people work, how businesses operate, how governments govern and people connect.

We believe this digital shift presents a tremendous opportunity for technologists and entrepreneurs to build a new open and trusted cloud, a new freedom, based on data. By operating with open standards and encouraging the wisdom of our vibrant ecosystem, we produce a stronger outcome so that our customers can get much more out of cloud technology.