Security and Compliance

We are fully focused on security, at all levels of our organization and our infrastructure.

Security provides support against increasingly sophisticated and dangerous global threats.
It is a high priority in all our data centers and processes, and for all our customers worldwide. This high level of security is the result of our team of experts combining with cutting-edge automation based on artificial intelligence. We build this security on three firm foundations:


Our team is constantly analyzing and processing any information and alerts, ensuring we always remain active and reactive, whatever the alerts and threats that may affect our infrastructure or our customers.


For 20 years, we have dealt with threats through constant innovation. Hardware and software protection, such as OVHcloud Anti-DDoS, is included as standard with all products.


Security is much more than just an IT issue. It is an end-to-end value chain protecting the customer, protecting the OVHcloud infrastructure, and securing the path between the two.

OVHcloud Security commitments

We are committed to ensuring security in the cloud. To this end, we take a large-scale industrial approach to security, enusre that we are a trusted player in the ecosystem, and operate a trusted cloud.

Focusing on security

As well as doing everything we can to keep data safe, we also place a big emphasis on ensuring our network is highly secure. The network plays a key role in delivering high security to our customers.

We have 21 years of experience in networking, including eight years of experience growing and innovating in anti-DDoS solutions, and carefully selecting partners for backbone building.

We are able to correlate technical data across all our product ranges to produce the most efficient protection.
We keep focusing on higher network protection against cyber attacks, for example by releasing in 2020 a scalable software-defined advanced anti-DDoS solution.
This enables future enhancements such as Anti-DDoS as a Service, by embedding the protection system into Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), providing on-demand, highly available, highly scalable protection systems.


Our own high-quality global network, committed to the highest security standards.


NSX and vRack Secure your platform with micro-segmentation of private L2 that spans global data centers.


SSL Gateway Service: up to 10,000 concurrent connections. Optional Anycast DNS service.


Highest compliance and certification standards. - Anti0DDoS: highly resilient Layer 4-7 DDoS protection built into the network


Our security is regularly assessed and certified:

SecNumCloud Qualification

In 2021, we were granted the SecNumCloud label by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), proving that our Private Cloud offering fulfills the highest standards of security in Europe.