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Building a new open and trusted cloud…

We are the leading European cloud provider with a global presence – dedicated to bringing secure, trusted, open and sustainable cloud solutions to everyone.

Serving customers around the world, we specialize in delivering industry-leading performance and cost-effective solutions to help our customers better manage, secure and scale data.

  • Leading European player, offering open, transparent, reversible cloud solutions
  • Full product suite built to capture growing demand for hybrid cloud strategies across a wide range of needs and customers
  • Open, trusted, highly secure cloud guaranteeing data sovereignty
  • Differentiated vertically integrated model with a global presence
  • Delivering predictable pricing and best price/performance driven by standard, open and innovative technology
  • Sustainable, disruptive innovation embedded within the OVHcloud DNA leveraged across an active ecosystem of technological and commercial partners

Why OVHcloud

We believe that an open cloud is an integral part of our shared future, where all thrive together and customers have the freedom to choose. Open standards and an open ecosystem keeps decison makers, entreprenuers, users, developers, partners, administrators and operators in control of their data.

Becoming the leading European cloud provider with a global presence

Along the way, we have expanded fast and pioneered open, trusted, secure and sustainable cloud solutions. And the great thing is, there is much more to do and achieve together as we continue on our adventure.

Leading the implementation of our mission

"In a world where data is at the heart of all aspects of our private, social and professional lives, we want to be the trusted cloud provider who enables each person to create and do business freely.

We want to offer a human and open cloud, reversible and interoperable. A fair and responsible alternative cloud. We want to put innovation to work for the empowerment of everyone".

Octave Klaba,

Founder and Chairman, OVHcloud

Taking a strategic approach

Our strategy

Our strategic roadmap focuses on three key pillars: develop new segments, innovate in cloud uses, and expand geographically. Our aim is primarly to innovate for our customers in cloud usages through the integration of PaaS solutions, notably leveraging partnerships and acquisitions. We are looking to grow our business with large corporates and to address new customer segments such as public sector and DC as a Service. We also plan to continue expanding in the U.S., across Europe and in Asia.

Our core values

Trust is key

It is because we trust each other that we do business and succeed together.

Working Together

Team spirit inspires all that we do. It allows us to grow and live together. For us, to be ourselves is to be together.


We are passionate. Passionate about life, about technology. Passionate about the adventure we're living together.


We believe that disruption must free everybody, make complex things simple, make life together easier.


We assume our responsibility together. We weight up our choices and acts because they commit us.

Our global presence

We are a global cloud services provider with a European heritage and values offering solutions in over 140 countries around the world. We have over 2,600 employees around the world, and 33 data centers in 13 locations with 400,000 physical servers.