Press Release

OVH continues to develop with its first datacentre in Germany

Press Release

To give users the chance to discover and test its services in each new datacentre, OVH has designed some exclusive offers: "

OVH Discover

". Available in limited quantities, the “Discover Offers” provide the best value for money in each of the markets. In this new datacentre, Intel Xeon E3-1245v6 dedicated servers are already available from €49.99 ex. VAT/month.

Each month, depending on the country, new services will be added to the range of products, including: Dedicated Server ranges, VPS, Public Cloud and Private Cloud. In time, OVH plans to deliver all solutions worldwide, via a unique Control Panel and API, in order to enhance the user experience.

Visit the following page to view the map of OVH offers:

With a capacity of nearly 45,000 servers, this first German datacentre is located less than a millisecond from Frankfurt. From here, it benefits from a direct connection to Brussels, Strasbourg and Prague, then towards Paris, Amsterdam, London and Milan.

All the services available in the new datacentres include free anti-DDoS by default. The vRack service, which makes it possible to connect worldwide services in an isolated way, will also be available so users can build complex private infrastructures on a global multi-datacentre level.

OVH, which last autumn launched an ambitious international development programme, is currently building a datacentre in the United Kingdom and two more in the United States (East and West coast). When this is finished OVH will offer customers a choice of datacentres in 11 countries and 4 continents, all connected by its own global network, with a current capacity of more than 11 Tbps.

For more information, please contact: Mickael Delcroix ( Marketing Manager