Press Release

With the acquisition of OpenIO, OVHcloud's ambition is to create the best Object Storage offer on the market

Press Release

OVHcloud, a leading global cloud provider, announced today that it has acquired OpenIO, a French company specialising in Object Storage.

In the space of a few years, OpenIO has distinguished itself by designing the new generation of S3-compatible Object Storage solutions, the best adapted to Big Data and High Performance Computing workloads. As such, the OpenIO solution is ideal for the storage of the large amounts of data required for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

OpenIO’s entire workforce will complement the OVHcloud teams internationally.


Complementarity to create the best Object Storage offer on the market

OpenIO offers a software solution that is independent of the hardware infrastructure and can address a variety of use cases within the same cluster. In addition to its record-breaking performance, the technology developed by OpenIO offers infinite scalability, which does not require data rebalancing when adding resources to the platform.

The combination of the functional richness and performance of OpenIO’s technology with OVHcloud's industrial and cloud infrastructure expertise is very promising. It will enable the design of a very large-scale object storage offering at the best price/performance ratio. This alliance will empower OVHcloud to meet the technological challenges of both large companies and startups.

"With the global volume of data doubling every 18 months, we are aware that storage issues are at the heart of the concerns of our 1.5 million customers. With the acquisition of OpenIO, we aim to create a highly scalable offering, benefiting from the best infrastructure and one of the most attractive prices in the market" says Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud.

Shared values to build a European alternative

The complementarity of OpenIO and OVHcloud also revolves around a system of common values: reversibility, transparency and sovereignty are at the heart of the DNA of these companies, now united as a single team.

OpenIO and OVHcloud also share a similar technological culture. Both are committed to open source, they use the same development methods and, above all, have the same passion for innovative projects.

As long-time partners, the OpenIO and OVHcloud teams have made a significant contribution to the development of the Swift open source project which offers an object storage solution as part of the Openstack foundation. 

"All of the technologies used to build our Object Storage solution are and will continue to be open-sourced, which is an essential common value for both OVHcloud and OpenIO. More than that, it will be extended and enriched by our combined talents" adds Laurent Denel, co-founder of OpenIO.