Press Release

Europe’s #1 ISP Launches in North America

Press Release

Montreal, January 16, 2013 -, Europe’s #1 Internet Hosting Provider*, known for its reliable and innovative services, has built the world’s largest data center near Montreal, Canada to serve its customers in North America.
"We set our standards very high and our prices are competitive. We expect to meet North American user’s needs as we do in Europe, where we already manage 140,000 servers," explains Octave Klaba, the CEO and Founder of designs and builds its own servers. This allows OVH to control all components and optimize performance, providing its customers with the latest technology.

The 2013 roll-out focuses primarily on Intel’s Ivy Bridge/Sandy Bridge server technologies. Each host is on a guaranteed network with unlimited bandwith, capable of answering the ever-increasing adoption of Cloud Computing.

For demanding Cloud Computing users worried about security, Dedicated Cloud, an actual bank vault in the cloud, is the perfect solution. is the only hosting provider that doesn’t share server resources and provides dedicated physical servers to each of its customers. The customer has 100% of its resources and does not share it with anyone else.

Built on VMware’s vSphere, Dedicated Cloud combines the power of the world’s virtualization leader with the technical expertise of Europe’s best Internet hosting service provider. Dedicated Cloud allows businesses to benefit from a complete virtual data center in less than 30 minutes and adjust its growth indefinitely, in only 2 minutes! Each customer can then build his custom solution and have it evolve according to his needs.

For its Dedicated Cloud service, can guarantee 99.99% availability. Since 2010 the company has invested in an infrastructure that meets the requirements for Tier 4 data center certification By choosing, IT professionals can rely on a high-availability network and high-quality bandwidth.

Since 2006. has deployed its own fiber-optic network, which is today one of the world’s largest, covering Europe and North America, and includes 33 points of presences (POPs). It offers 2.5 Tbps of ever-increasing bandwidth capacity and guarantees top-notch routing on every continent.

Highly secure,’s network is completely redundant, with each path paired and the totality of POPs linked to provide complete network availability.

In addition to guaranteeing security and maximum flexibility to its customers, has built “BHS”, a data center on the outskirts of Montreal with a record capacity of 360,000 physical servers.
Based on’s expertise in building its 9 other data centers, “BHS” can operate without air conditioning, using a set of unique and proprietary cooling technologies developed in-house. BHS is powered with renewable energy from a hydro-electric dam, just 300 meters from the building, and capable to achieve a record PUE (power usage effectiveness) of less than 1.1.

This investment allows the company to control the design and support of its facilities, in all aspects. This results in cost reductions that benefits its customers and maintains the highest standards. has in-house commercial and technical support teams. Staffed with passionate customer service experts, their only goal is to provide customers with 100% satisfaction. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, our customer service experts are available by e-mail, phone and chat. Teams of systems administrators are permanently on site, in the data center and in the engineering office.

With an ambitious business model, based on total ownership and control of the hosting supply chain, set a long-term strategy of offering the highest quality services at the best prices.

* Source : Netcraft, december 2012