Press Release Kicks Off Its North America “World Tour” in Montreal, Canada

Press Release

The World Tour 2014 will stop in 18 different cities around the world, covering North America and no less than eight countries in Europe, in order to meet customers and local IT organizations. This global roadshow will cover major IT trends like innovation, R&D, practical solutions and new use cases. VMware, Intel and Microsoft, technical partners, are the official sponsors of the event. They will lead a workshop in all the cities crossed by the OVH World Tour. is launching its first “World Tour” to interact with different IT companies and to better connect to its partners’ and customers’ communities, in order to build a deep relationship with them. The events will feature one-to-one meetings, conferences, technical and strategic workshops, as well as roundtables on major IT innovation trends, with many opportunities to connect with’s experts and executives. Professionals from all various backgrounds will appreciate feedback from experiences, exchanges on business issues and develop their network. The World Tour 2014 is coming to 18 cities in North America and Europe including New York, Toronto, Barcelona, Berlin, London and Madrid. Some key facts about the OVH World Tour 2014:
  • 8 countries,18 cities
  • 270 conferences and workshops
  • 4,500 attendees expected
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*Source Netcraft, January 2014