Press Release

OVH appoints Laurent Allard as CEO, and Octave Klaba will be CTO and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Press Release

Laurent Allard's arrival is part of the strategy that OVH launched several years ago to become a global reference for Digital as a Service. Significant investments in the development of its data centers and network infrastructure, the launch of offices in North America, and a sustained recruitment policy in France and the rest of Europe have made it possible for the company to become well-known on the world market.

OVH, now 15 years old, experiences growth of nearly 30% per year and will soon count on 1,000 members of staff. Its objective is now to adapt to the new challenges that digitalisation is imposing on businesses. The 'as a Service' standards associated with innovative business models are shaking up the economic world, with the sudden appearance of new opportunities and new leaders. OVH must adapt quickly to this new environment, and therefore wishes to reinforce and redeploy its entire range of tools and digital services to meet the needs of all economic actors in the digital arena, from designers, startups and public institutions to large global corporations undergoing changes, and, at the same time, support the emergence of new ideas. In order to achieve this objective, the company must enhance both its innovation and its R&D activity, and significantly grow and transform its teams and their skills.

"To become a leader in Digital as a Service, you need to be a pioneer in your industry, the benchmark for innovation and able to undertake and support the business plans of companies in the long term”, explained Laurent Allard. “OVH is one of the most exciting entrepreneurial adventures around, and I’m particularly proud to have been chosen to take the company even further forward”, he added. “We need to grow, and we need to change the way we operate to tackle new challenges. I will mainly focus on bringing the company’s energy and experiences in to play to achieve our vision. Octave Klaba will write the score and I will be the conductor. Today there are 1,000 people in our orchestra; there will be many more in the future.”

“Laurent is a true leader with proven managerial skills. He's visionary and capable of getting people to work together in harmony. He’s exactly what OVH needs to write the next chapter in its story”, added Octave Klaba, founder of OVH.

Laurent Allard will speak publicly for the first time as OVH CEO on February 26th in Lille, France, for the launch of the OVH World Tour 2015. The morning keynote will be followed by a press conference at 12:3O pm with Laurent Allard and Octave Klaba. To sign up for the event, please contact Marion Rouviller at