Press Release

OVH SUMMIT: Big Announcements

Press Release

The first big announcement made by Octave was the unveiling of the company’s new logo and motto, “Innovation is Freedom”. This new identity marks the maturity of, which celebrates its fifteen year anniversary this November, and affirms its position, professionalism, open-mindedness and serenity. It also highlights its unwavering faith in innovation that has always permitted to grow with complete freedom. The second announcement was a cloud offer which combines the flexibility of a public cloud with the security of a dedicated cloud. Based on RunAbove, the OVH brand specializing in public cloud, this offer allows developers of applications to test in an environment of a high performance public cloud with simple pricing. The entire infrastructure can be put into production and moved to a dedicated cloud in just a click and without interruption of service while retaining the same reasonable pricing. OVH also announced its alliance with IBM, offering a world exclusive, IBM Power8 technology for public cloud, available on demand, with reasonable rates and billing by the hour. Unveiled in May 2014, by the American multinational, the Power8 processor, has a maximum frequency of 4.15 GHz and the capability to handle up to 1TB of DRAM specifically designed for Big Data.
By applying, IBM’s latest generation of processor, with the best of open source virtualization (OpenStack), OVH is able to offer its users very high performance instances, up to 100 times faster than most products on the market. The third announcement of the keynote was to proclaim the arrival of Docker. This Linux based technology permits OVH customers to have private containers, which are totally isolated from those of others.
A container handles only one process, (database, web site, web service, etc.) of which is centralized by a registry. Like this, Docker offers high isolation (files, network, processes), rapid deployment and simplifies collaboration between developers and sysadmins. The first containers (Ruby, Python, Go, Node.js) are already available for testing. Another big moment of the Summit was when Octave Klaba made several commitments to his customers to support them in the adoption of these innovations. To ensure the reliability and stability of offers and products over time, new technologies and future betas will be launched under the satellite brands of So you Start and RunAbove. The second commitment was to expand the OVH World Tour in France and abroad, in order to meet with more clients than in 2014.
Final announcements were, OVH Academies, training days for Dedicated Cloud, accompanied by a VMware expert, given throughout France, Europe and North America. Then was revealed the arrival of "customer advocates", a single point of contact for each client, completing the customer service arsenal.