[We Commit] OVHcloud takes part to the University of Lille’s Summer School September 2021 on "Green computing meets green energy"


On Wednesday, September 8th, OVHcloud had the opportunity to participate to the University of Lille’s Summer School September 2021, under the topic of "Green computing meets green energy".

This event, bringing together many European universities from France, Norway, and Germany, covered a comprehensive collection of theoretical and practical aspects at the intersection of energy-efficient computing and renewable energy, including their reciprocal impacts and benefits.

Tristan VUILLIER, Sustainability Program Manager and Mohamad HNAYNO, PhD Candidate of the R&D-Cooling Department had the chance to present an overview of the global cloud footprint and OVHcloud’s engagements on sustainability topics to early-stage PhD students and MSc students. They had time to exchange on how OVHcloud reduces its footprint, thanks to our cooling system and our integrated model which allows us to develop a reverse supply chain (from creating to reusing and recycling).

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