Why OVHcloud

Your trusted cloud provider

Always open; always there for you

We work in partnership to enable companies, large and small, to build and make the most of their freedom in the cloud. We believe that an open cloud is an integral part of our shared future, where all thrive together and customers have the freedom to choose. Open standards and an open ecosystem keeps users, coders, developers, partners, administrators and operators in control of their data.

In a world where information is at the heart of all aspects of our private, cultural, social and professional lives, we believe trust and disruptive innovation must work hand-in-hand for the people. So we create cloud solutions that are accessible and affordable, open and flexible. Our ecosystem of partners and customers, in turn, fuels growth and enables people and businesses to thrive.

From startups to enterprises – our customers around the world are at the forefront of change. They are in many different industries and are at different stages of the data revolution. Their needs, challenges and opportunities change all the time, and we change with them – giving them the secure, cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions they need to thrive.

Six key differentiators

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Multi-Product Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

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Trusted Cloud

Best Price / Performance Ratio and Price Predictability

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Vertically Integrated

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Active Ecosystem

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Long-track record of innovation in eco-friendly technology

Multi-product cloud and hybrid cloud

Creating the right tailored, flexible cloud solution for your company

Cloud Act Free

The ‘CLOUD ACT,’ a protectionist US regulatory measureProviders of electronic communication services or remote computing services must comply with a US law enforcement order to disclose data within its ‘possession, custody, or control,’ even when that data is ‘located… outside the United States.

GDPR compliance

Despite Privacy Shield cancellation by European Union Court of Justice, we remain fully compliant with GDPR principles thanks to the strict separation of our US activities.

No vendor lock-in

Best price/performance ratio and price predictability

Offering you the value of best price/performance and the control of price predictability


Data transfer ‘in’ and ‘out’ included, removing complexity of budgeting the ‘out’ traffic (volume and destination)


Fixed price for storage and bandwidth, whatever the volume and frequency of access


No additional charge for API calls as opposed to other CSPsCorresponding Images needed

Key benefits

Drawing on our deep beliefs and distinctive strengths, we offer our customers Simple and Sustainable, Multi-local, Accessible, Reversible, Transparent – SMART solutions.

  • Simple / Sustainable
  • Multi-local / Worldwide data centers, local teams
  • Accessible / Control the whole value chain
  • Reversible / Open interoperability, no bandwidth costs
  • Transparent / Transparency of prices and data protection

A unique integrated production model for operational efficiency

To optimize our efficiency and performance, we are vertically integrated - designing, building and operating our own data centers, servers and network. This gives us greater freedom to do more for our customers and partners - from enhanced security to increased sustainability.

Vertically integrated and sustainable

We manufacture our own servers. Enabling more innovation, sustainability, cost control and security

Making the cloud accessible to everyone


To unleash the full potential of the cloud, and help as many people as possible embrace new digital projects with the best price/performance ratio, OVHcloud has developed the Eco range.

Including Kimsufi, So You Start and Rise dedicated servers, the range uses OVHcloud's expertise in terms of circular economy to deploy cloud services out of an industrial model that is more respectful of our environmental resources, and facilitate the adoption of the cloud with its ultra-competitive price positioning.

Active ecosystem

Helping you take the lead in the data revolution, in a sustainable way

Partner Program

Support the digital transformation of companies and organisations

Open Trusted Cloud

Identify solutions bases on a trusted, open and interoperable cloud

Start-up Program

Encourage innovative projects and help start-up reveal their most disruptive aspects


Support the growth of Saas and PaaS publishers hosted on our infrastructure


Leverage market best of bread partners’ technologie and Open Source platforms