Deep commitment

From our earliest days, we have been committed to sustainability - reducing IT components waste, optimizing data center energy consumption, innovating for more efficient cooling systems.

We know this not only benefits the environment but business, too. By striving to be frugal in our design and innovative in IT, we help our ecosystem become increasingly sustainable and strong - minimizing environmental impact and driving up performance. For us, the two go hand in hand.

This approach is reinforced across the European Union, with the recently published Climate Neutral Datacenter Pact, initialized through CISPE (of which we are a founding member). And we want to go further and lead the way at the European level - empowering our ecosystem, clients, partners and employees to keep pushing on to increase cloud sustainability.

Focus areas


We manage our environmental impact every step of the way, and have ambitious objectives for 2025 and 2030.

Supply chain

We focus on building sustainability into our supply chain. It is part of what makes us different.

Over 20 years of sustainability


Fully clickable rack (watercooling, power network)


3rd Gen. of free cooling system to enhance efficiency of watercooling system


New data center in Quebec powered with sustainable energy (hydroelectricity, windfarms)


OVHcloud starts to retrofit servers to enhance reverse supply chain


DC power supply are enabled for entry level servers to gain efficiency


First server room without air conditioning


1st watercooling system to reduce the need for energy


Servers are built internally to optimize space and control the full value chain