Succeeding together in the best way for you

We offer several programs so that we can grow and succeed together, while ensuring everyone remains in control of their data, innovates, and thrives in freedom.

Our Partner Program

Supporting the digital transformation of companies and organizations

Our international Partner Program has been designed to support the digital transformation of companies and organizations. Our partners are high added value resellers and service providers that support their customers as they migrate to OVHcloud infrastructures. As an IaaS provider, OVHcloud collaborates with a network of partners who advise and support their own customers by combining their expertise with OVHcloud infrastructure. They provide advice, support expertise, or add their own technological building block. To help our partners achieve their missions, we provide training, sales and technical support for our solutions. In 2020, against a backdrop of accelerating digital transformation due to the global pandemic, our collaboration with this powerful network became even more structured. Many partners have been trained through sessions delivered by our experts. Our Partner Program includes Advanced Partners, and will soon offer an additional level of support for large companies wishing to be Strategic Partners.

Our Startup Program

Meeting the needs of startups and scaleups from across the globe

Since 2015, many startups and scaleups from across the globe have joined our Startup Program and our ecosystem. We provide reliability and security to innovative businesses, facilitating exponential and international growth. We partner with selected accelerators, incubators, venture capital funds, specialised experts, and many more - building a collaborative ecosystem for startups. Our affiliated partners offer exclusive discounts, access to their network and resources, as well as mentorship and support. Our Startup Program includes a range of support, such as free tech credits, to accelerate growth; membership of a vibrant startup community; and an active ecossytem of partners.

Our Marketplace

Helping software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) publishers grow

In 2020, we launched our transactional Marketplace to support the growth of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) publishers hosted on OVHcloud infrastructure. With no commission fees and limited transactional fees, the Program supports vendors. The Marketplace brings together a range of solutions for businesses, including collaborative suites, emailing, website building, corporate social networks, cyber security solutions and managed services. These SaaS solutions complement OVHcloud solutions – together, providing companies with turnkey solutions. They also address a major issue in the SaaS market: transparency about the localization of the data. Every solution on our Marketplace guaranties data sovereignty as it is hosted in OVHcloud infrastructure, for the good of the users. Having successfully launched our Marketplace in France, we will gradually deploy it internationally to serve the entire ecosystem.

Our Open Trusted Cloud Program

Accessing simple open, trusted cloud solutions

The need for companies to access simple open, trusted cloud solutions on is growing, as is the complexity of identifying such solutions. Working closely with our customers and partners, we developed our Open Trusted Cloud Program to provide the answer. Our Open Trusted Cloud Program aims to unite companies that are willing to actively defend trusted solutions and to see them evolve within the same ecosystem. More than ever, we believe in continuing to grow this ecosystem for the good of all. To this end, there are a variety of labelled solutions capable of providing the best guarantees for data protection.