Albeego inducted into the OVHcloud Startup Program


Albeego’s business model that puts the cloud at the heart of their business model is recognised by OVHcloud.

Albeego have created a set of 'bonding' technologies in a mobile device that can provide stable and secure communication when connecting digital devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets to the internet whether static or on the move.

The Albeego bonded router devices will connect to a global bonded network deployed across the OVHcloud infrastructure as a Software Defined Network (SDN).

Simon Precious, Albeego’s CEO explains.

“To scale a bonded network infrastructure to the extent that we believe we will have to be capable of requires us to find a robust, flexible and accessible cloud-based technology.  The hosting service we need must be capable of full automation, configuration and must provide a high degree of resilience.  The ability to elastically expand and contract our Exit Node Clusters will be key to maintaining an efficient service whilst delivering solid, high quality service performance,” he said.

He added, “We have adopted the Kubernetes architecture which is offered by OVHcloud as a cloud service. Our SDN has been modelled and built with the benefits of Kubernetes scalability, automation and our ability to tailor and configure the service to suit non-standard use cases. Albeego has already engaged with OVHcloud on a technical level and continues to build its bonded network solution. In the coming months we are confident, with continued collaboration and support from the OVHcloud Start Up Program, we will achieve our operational roll out objectives.”

Hiren Parekh, VP - Northern Europe of OVHcloud added "We believe that start-ups are vital to the future. They embody innovation and, because digital technology is increasingly prevalent in society, they will be a major source of employment. The mission of OVHcloud's Startup Program is to support this innovation and contribute to economic dynamism by nurturing young and daring companies to develop in an ecosystem of trust."


About Albeego

Albeego Ltd

Albeego is a North West UK based ‘Solutions as a Service’ provider of mobile bonded router technology. Their vision is to make bonded technology available to all by improving its usability, affordability and ease of operation.

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