Press Release

Already 150 startups supported through Digital Launch Pad

Press Release

“We invite startups to come and challenge our infrastructures,” announced Laurent Allard, OVH’s CEO at the opening of the Digital Launchpad. After just a few months, it is clear that the message was heard.

Digital Launch Pad (DLP) is based on three stages: ‘ideation’, ‘build’, and ‘market’ which correspond to the three phases of business project maturity making the program relevant to startups.

For Cyril Dubus, cofounder and technical director of effiPilot, a company specializing in software for optimizing a building’s energy, Digital Launch Pad has been a real accelerator. “Through credit and assistance provided by DLP, we were able to test our infrastructure before implementing and putting in place the scalable platform which we really required.”

Perfectly sized infrastructures
What sets DLP apart from similar programs is that it identifies the exact requirements of the startups it accompanies rather overstating their needs. The European cloud leader’s choice to precisely measure and provide only what is essential insures that startups do not find themselves stuck with oversized infrastructures which incur large costs once the program has ended.

DLP is also based on transparency in that it provides open and open source services. Startups are not limited in their ability to migrate or evolve.

When it comes to relevance, the wide range of services offered by OVH is a major point: Cloud, Dedicated and Web solutions have startups covered and can accommodate throughout their evolution.

Complete accompaniment
In addition to digital resources, other critical factors in the life of a startup include funding and visibility. “It’s our strong relationships with investment firms that makes it possible for us to assist startups in accelerating their projects. When it comes to raising funds, we play the role of facilitator, notably by placing startups in contact with our financial partners,” explains Guillaume Filliere, manager of the program.

As for visibility and notoriety, OVH already provides the opportunity to select entrepreneurs the chance to take the stage during the OVH World Tour and present their concepts to hundreds of customers and prospects.

The team in charge of the DLP also communicates on a regularly basis about news of the startups in the program through interviews or testimonials on the group’s web sites and through its newsletters. There are future plans to go even further by opening the OVH Marketplace to them.

DLP already accompanies startups in France, the US and Canada and looks to expand its community base by continuing to develop the program in other OVH subsidiaries throughout Europe. In Montreal, the North American head office of the company, a technical Evangelist dedicated to the DLP will be responsible for meeting with startups and selecting the most promising among them.

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