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Press Release

Dedicated Cloud allows any enterprise to build its own Cloud infrastructure, in record time. In just a few clicks, a customer can build a datacenter and deploy its virtual machines. Dedicated Cloud is a solution with all the resources (servers, software, storage, and network) being 100% dedicated for each customer. Come to discover the First Dedicated VMware Cloud Hosting on’s booth 407! expert Jean-Sebastien Bruneau will also present:

Tuesday, Oct., 22nd at 10.30 am - One keynote on “The Cloud triangle: where should you be?” –Choosing the right “As a Service” technology can be a daunting task. How do you select the right solution in a world of choices where the term Cloud is used in so many ways? OVH proposes a walkthrough the Cloud marketplace to trace a clear path to risk free service externalization.

Wednesday, Oct., 23rd at 2.00 pm – One session on “Agile IAAS with the OVH Dedicated Cloud” – It is common to see provider deploy cloud instances using automation but what happens when these same principles are applied to the provisioning of the infrastructure? Attendees will gain insider information on how, winner of the VMware Global Partner Network Award 2013, can make automation work to provide IAAS that scale within minutes.