Press Release unveils a Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer: resources and performance for less than $3/month

Press Release

The VPS are becoming increasingly popular as they provide freedom, administrative autonomy, simple configuration and flexibility at an unbeatable quality/price ratio. Developers are using them as test environments, web agencies host their clients’ websites on them and they are an excellent alternative to PaaS. To fulfill these needs, the VPS at offer unique resources and performance, as well as brand new features.
“Our goal is to present an international solution without any compromise: A product that is powerful, reliable, fast and easy to install, manage and upgrade”, explains Alexandre Morel, Product Marketing VP at Powerful virtual machines
With 1 to 16 gig of RAM and 1 to 8 vCores per CPU depending on the line, the 2014 VPS offer unmatched possibilities for personal and professional usage, such as hosting business applications, install a development platform or a VPN, try your hand at e-commerce, start a webzine, etc. Moreover, it upgrades in a few clicks and seamlessly, as all configurations and data remain the same and the service is maintained throughout. Guaranteed bandwidth of 100 Mbps
The VPS are connected to’s worldwide optic fiber network of 3 Tbps capacity. is, therefore, able to guarantee a bandwidth of 100 Mbps for up to 10,000 gig of transferred data per month for its two types of offer: VPS Classic and VPS Cloud. This amount of data is largely above the usage of more than 99% of’s clients, so a site hosted on a VPS can smoothly absorb high-volume traffic. The accelerated software loading time also provides better work conditions. High availability
Each 2014 VPS have storage disks configured in RAID 10, which provides perfect data security. Moreover, the VPS Cloud line built on VMware technology displays a SLA and availability of 99.99%. Designed to fit in a complex architecture, VPS Cloud is compatible to the IP load-balancing offer that allows a distribution of the load between different machines, which increases resistance to failures. More than 15 ways to work at your disposition
The 2014 VPS have over 15 work environments to choose from and they are easy to install with no extra charge. The options range from different default operating systems (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian), a variety of CMS and turnkey e-commerce solutions (Wordpress, Prestashop), and the control panels to host multiple sites (CPanel and Parallels Plesk Panel (the latter includes a 10 domains license).
The VPS also gives you access to complete development environments to host all kinds of applications: LAMP, Ruby and soon Pyhton and Node JS.
Finally, with VPS Cloud, the Windows license is included with your machine. Enhanced features
All VPS are protected by’s anti-DDoS service and can be hosted in any of the 3 data centers in North America and Europe. A client can therefore locate its servers closer to its customer base.
The VPS Cloud take things further by adding optional backup solutions and up to 16 geo-located IP. Customer area and API
The VPS line is the first product entirely available in the new customer area and managed through Restful,’s API. All functions are easy to operate and extremely safe.

In this dynamic and ultra-competitive sector of activity, promises to shake up the market.

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*Source: Netcraft – January 2014