Press Release

Meet at the 10th annual VMworld

Press Release

Dedicated Cloud allows any enterprise to build its own Cloud infrastructure, in record time. In just a few clicks, a customer can build a data center and deploy its virtual machines. Dedicated Cloud is a solution with all the resources (servers, software, storage, and network) being 100% dedicated for each customer, based on the tools and recommendations of VMware. Come to discover the First Dedicated VMware Cloud Hosting on booth 1713! experts Alexandre Morel, Francois Loiseau and Jean-Sebastien Bruneau will also present 3 technical speeches on the following topics:
1- How to build Public and Private Cloud services with VMware technologies?
2- How to manage security levels and infrastructure to provide IaaS/PaaS/SaaS services based on a single virtual infrastructure?
3- Building best of breed dedicated solutions for critical business needs.