Press Release

OVH Announces Availability of its Rise and HG Servers in Canada

Press Release

OVH’s various bare-metal offerings, designed to meet the unique needs of every professional while retaining such fundamental values as availability, flexibility and latest-generation components, are now available in Canada. Through the website, every business can find the solution most suited to its infrastructure needs. Whether it’s starting in the cloud, supporting growth or meeting critical business requirements, OVH offers a wide spectrum of configurations that take advantage of the latest technological innovations. Customers therefore get optimized–and customized–solutions for their specific individual needs.

All our customers can now find the cloud services they need, fully meeting their specified requirements, to best reduce latency. Through these offerings, OVH upholds its vision to stand for a cloud that is SMART–Simple, Multi-local, Accessible, Reversible, and Transparent,” said Michel Paulin, CEO of OVH.

In addition to advance servers, the new Rise and HG servers round out OVH’s bare-metal portfolio. Both are now available in Canada. OVH’s customers will have the ability to host their servers closer to their end-users in the country.

Rise - Start With One Server
Available on Monday April 29 2019

Servers in the Rise product range will excite tech-savvy customers looking for a web hosting, gaming or streaming solution:

  • In addition to maximum availability and security, the Rise product range offers the best value for money and is accessible in several regions around the world to reduce latency.
  • The Rise-1, Rise-2 and Rise-3 models are versatile servers designed for common use cases, all the while providing the best price/performance ratio. All three server models are ideally suited for website and business application hosting requirements.
  • The Rise-4 and Rise-5 models are perfect for virtualization, VDI and all kinds of multicore processing needs. They can also host multiple virtual machines, replacing two or three small servers.

All of OVH’s dedicated servers operate in accordance with the most stringent security standards, compliant to ISO/IEC 27001[1]. In addition, anti-DDoS protection blocks any kind of DDoS attack, 24x7, without any restrictions in size or duration, along with access to the leading European cloud provider’s own global fibre optic network (with a capacity of 17 Tbps). User data is accessible and protected in the datacentre chosen by the customer.

HG - For a High-Performing and Secure System
The HG product range was designed to meet the needs of scientific research, business-critical applications, distributed computing and ultra-fast transactions in large private or public sector organisations:

  • The HG product range is fully customizable and scalable to match the highest resiliency and security requirements. Preconfigurations for various use cases are available in order to make selection easier.
  • These servers can accommodate dual processors and handle intensive workloads with high performance and resilience, such as big data, artificial intelligence, deep learning and in-memory databases.

OVH HG Servers Chosen by YetiForce
YetiForce wanted to design a hyperscale cloud infrastructure to host business-critical applications, in order to offer a hosted version of its YetiForce CRM software. After looking to such conventional solutions as shared hosting, YetiForce eventually decided to build its own private cloud so it benefits from a powerful processor and fast-access storage – all required to run its 800 database tables – as well as optimum security for client data handled by its application.

Though many private cloud solutions are available on the market, YetiForce chose to create its own custom solution using OVH HG servers.

As we were looking for the perfect solution, we evaluated offerings from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google. We selected OVH because OVH provided the best price-performance ratio. Moreover, leveraging high-end components ensures that we get the best quality,” explained Błażej Pabiszczak, CEO of YetiForce.

To read the full YetiForce story, please visit: YetiForce - A hyperscale cloud infrastructure for hosting business-critical applications

[1] This certification covers OVH’s data centres in Roubaix (RBX2, 3, 5, 6, 7), Strasbourg (SBG1, 3, 4), Beauharnois (BHS1-BHS7), Singapore and Sydney.