Press Release

OVH, the Complete IoT Chain for the M2M* Connected Objects Market

Press Release

Octave Klaba, OVH founder, chairman and CTO, explains, “Everything is going to be connected; absolutely everything. Today, we’re in the first phase of the Internet of Objects, with the connected objects mainly being machine to man. But it’s on the side of Machine to Machine connected objects where the potential is enormous. It’s no longer only the “Internet of Things” (IoT) but the “Internet of Everything” (IoE). There isn’t any reason why all things shouldn’t be sending data. It is only a question of technology combined with an acceptable cost of access (sensors + services) for the industrial mass deployment of millions of objects.”

Bringing solutions to all levels of the IoE value chain and responding to the major challenges confronted within this new sector, is the mission that OVH is set on. “We want to make the IT chain available to users in affordable and economic conditions, so that everyone can create their own connected objects and give life to any type of object," explains Octave Klaba. With its storage capacity and ability to innovate on an industrial scale, this is a goal well within reach for the European cloud leader.

An ecosystem of partners to provide economical and reliable infrastructures

This era of re-materialization requires different technological components including a global network and powerful infrastructures for storage, data processing and sensors. To meet these needs, OVH announces a partnership with SigFox, a pioneer of low bitrate, long range networks with low power consumption. The two companies have in common the pursuit of solutions that are effective, international, accessible and efficient. Already, the OVH galaxy brings with it a constellation of startups gravitating around IoT: in particular, Axible, Cityzen Data, and Snootlab. Ultimately, the ambition of OVH is to federate a complete ecosystem that includes leading sensor manufacturers. Negotiations are already under way.

“PaaS TimeSeries” a platform to facilitate data processing

Having sensors send data towards storage services through a network is the necessary prerequisite, but it’s not enough to prosper in the world of IoE. “The one that will succeed is the one that will be able to manage the entire volume of data, the one that will see its business from a different perspective thanks to the analysis of all data,” explains Octave Klaba.

This is the reason that OVH has recently launched “PaaS TimeSeries”, a series of services to monitor, process and analyze volumes of data produced by sensors. The cloud service has been specially designed to facilitate the collection of information, to read and analyze data with Machine Learning algorithms to find patterns, triggering actions based on the received data. Currently in the beta testing phase, PaaS TimesSeries is available on, the laboratory site of the group. Learn more:

“1 million euros for 100 projects”, supporting IoT projects

According to OVH, the third component of the IoT world is a project support system. As part of its extensive innovation support program, entitled "OVH Digital Launch Pad”, 100 IoT projects will be selected and receive full assistance, from ideation all the way to market placement.

To submit your ideas:[/url] to promote the emergence of new ideas

Lastly, OVH has launched its community platform entirely devoted to IoT. A forum for discussion and inspiration, it aims to encourage the emergence of disruptive projects and give them visibility in the tech community.

To manage these projects, OVH has recently opened in Toulouse, France, a center dedicated to the IoT, under the leadership of Sylvain Wallez, an expert with a passion for IoT and Big Data. This new division, with a dozen collaborators, takes advantage of being located in what is called the French “IoT Valley”, an environment conducive to competition and open dialogue, and carries with it the French Tech label.