Press Release

OVH unveils its new Load Balancer solution - the simplest solution for building a high-availability infrastructure

Press Release

Based on open-source solutions HAProxy and Nginx, the OVH Load Balancer can now distribute any type of HTTP, TCP or UDP traffic. The tool’s flexibility makes it equally essential for quickly developing an infrastructure with no interruption to service, eliminating downtime risks and facilitating maintenance on OVH customer infrastructures. A load balancer is key for information systems that may experience fluctuations in traffic and need to be able to react as fast as possible. The OVH Load Balancer integrates a range of features optimised to facilitate its configuration. These include powerful DDoS mitigation, default HTTPS activation with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates included, and vRack compatibility to configure the Load Balancer in a private, multi-data centre network. Aware of the importance of load balancing for their customers, OVH teams were the first to use this Load Balancer. It has been designed to address all relevant risks. “Our customers' infrastructures shrink and grow in response to peaks of activity, so flexibility is essential. With our new Load Balancer, we can offer a simple and high-performance solution for designing resilient architectures. This will deliver a consistently high-quality user experience, even in the event of high traffic or external attacks,” says Arnaud Jost, DevOps at OVH. Providing support to more than 150 brands and retailers, Smart Traffik is one business that has already chosen the Load Balancer to guarantee high availability for its production environments.“At the end of the year, there are several major sales events (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) and we have to show maximum reliability to meet the demands and constraints of each of our customers. The load balancing worked really well on Black Friday. We had nearly 15 million hits on that Friday alone, which is a record for us! With this latest-generation Load Balancer, our entire infrastructure absorbs traffic spikes without any problems and guarantees ultra-high availability. So we know we can grow over the next few years without any worries,” explains Guillaume Morlet, CTO at Smart Traffik. The Load Balancer is accessible from the Control Panel and the OVH or OpenStack APIs. It can be configured through the various OVH Cloud services: Dedicated Servers, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, hybrid infrastructures and VPS. The service is currently available in the datacentres at Gravelines (France) and Beauharnois (Canada) and will be rolled out to all OVH locations this year. Find out more about the new Load Balancer solution on the OVH website.