Press Release

OVH Welcomes a Canadian as its 1000th collaborator and Continues to Recruit

Press Release

One in 1999, ten in 2000, five hundred in 2012 and today one thousand… OVH is proud to welcome a Canadian as its 1000th collaborator and a Frenchman as its 1001st, a real image of its international development on both sides of the Atlantic.
“In November 2013, we had announced that we would be 1000 strong during the course of 2015. We have the pleasure to confirm that once again we have met our goal," says Laurent Allard, CEO of the group, with delight. “These recent arrivals represent the willingness of the enterprise to continue to go wherever its presence will be strategic, be it through the creation of new data centers, the expansion of our force of developers or the implantation of commercial and customer service teams,” he added. To support growth, the group continues to reinforce its technical teams. Candidates for developer positions must be masters of different languages, like Python, Angular, Node JS, C, C++, Java or Go. Candidates for devops and system administrators, for their part, must have an excellent knowledge of the Linux environment, OpenStack and Docker platforms and the open source technologies of big data, storage, and especially data bases. These positions are going to continue the development of the teams already in place internationally and in France.

OVH is also recruiting for its customer relations and support teams, seeking to fill technical and commercial consultant positions. To become familiar with the entire product and service lines marketed by OVH as well as its daily operation procedures, new recruits will undergo several weeks of training at the group’s Training Center. To recruit 300 people, OVH counts on the scale of its projects, its resourcefulness and its international ambitions. In April, the company reinforced its position in Canada with a 32.9 million dollar investment which will allow the creation of 150 jobs in Québec over the next 2 years.

Furthermore, the group is taking more action in the direction of candidates, such as with the creation of a new website, OVH Careers , dedicated to recruitment where potential candidates can discover information regarding career opportunities.