Press Release

OVH Introduces Dedicated Intensive Data Processing Servers

Press Release

OVH, a global hyper-scale cloud provider, today announced its new high-end dedicated servers: the HG 2019 series. Designed to meet the intensive data processing requirements of today’s IT Pro’s focused on big data, high performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and virtual desktop infrastructures (VnvidiaDI), the HG 2019 servers will exceed the expectations of organizations in search of excellence in terms of reliability, manageability and security, while maximizing performance and reducing costs.

“The Canadian technology industry is heavily concentrated on companies tackling some of the world’s biggest AI and big data challenges,” said Mathieu Pin, Sales Director, OVH Canada. “OVH’s new dedicated servers for intense data processing will exceed today’s needs and the growing needs these companies will require in the future.”

Combining best in class components and passing rigourous tests has allowed OVH to ensure the best performance at the best price. With 19 years of experience in designing and optimizing servers, the company is able to standardize and offer at large scale, servers equipped with advanced components such as the Intel Xeon Gold 6154 processor, customizable GPU’s such as Nvidia V100 for parallel processing, and M60 for desktop virtualization, Optane SSD’s, and up to 1.5 TB of RAM.

For maximum reliability, the HG 2019 dedicated servers are built with a redundant architecture at multiple levels, such as electrical circuits or cooling, network connections and power supply. Disks are also hot-swappable, ensuring no downtime and thus allowing unmatched availability for mission critical applications.
This new range of servers takes advantage of OVH’s private network (vRack), which allows direct physical connections between all OVH infrastructures anywhere in the world. With 10 Gbbps bandwidth, the vRack private network is ideal for load balancing and database isolation, all while ensuring the security of machine-to-machine communications within an infrastructure.

The HG 2019 portfolio will also include the exclusive advantages OVH has come to be known for by its customers: 24/7 support, protection against DDoS attacks included at no extra cost, private worldwide optical fibre network of the European cloud leader (15 Tbps throughput). Fully customizable, the servers are already available in OVH data centres located in Roubaix and Gravelines (France) as well as Beauharnois, Quebec (Canada) for OVH users to have a maximum proximity with their customers. Servers will soon be deployed in OVH data centres located in Germany, UK and Poland.