Press Release

OVH launches its Managed Kubernetes Service in Canada

Press Release

Following Kubecon in May where OVH announced the deployment of Kubernetes on its dedicated servers through a partnership with Platform9, it is now Canada's turn to have the service deployed on all OVH solutions. OVH already facilitated the use of Kubernetes on its public cloud via a free and fully managed offer, but now stand-alone customers can choose to install a Kubernetes distribution on all OVH solutions as well. OVH is the industry player that offers the most choice to deploy Kubernetes on its services.

The Kubernetes solution includes delivering a common standard among hybrid cloud and multi-cloud service providers. OVH has therefore decided to implement Kubernetes to ensure freedom of choice, reversibility and transparency for users, thus helping OVH come forward as the alternative provider on the cloud market.

While the OVH Managed Kubernetes Service is mainly designed for teams that have embraced the DevOps approach and operate on a public cloud, OVH has also listened to its clients who wish to take advantage of Kubernetes orchestration software on OVH dedicated bare-metal servers. To meet those clients’ expectations, OVH has teamed up with Platform9, a US-based specialised software vendor who offers the industry’s only fully managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service that works on any infrastructure – guaranteeing 99.9 per cent SLA anywhere, while eliminating the operational burden of managing Kubernetes at enterprise-scale.

“We work with market leaders to offer solutions well suited to large enterprises, in line with their multi-cloud strategies and unique requirements,” said Nicolas Savides, VP strategy and partnership at OVH. “Our partnership with Platform9 and the compatibility of all OVH bare-metal servers with Platform9’s solution enables us to provide clients with Managed Kubernetes on a fully dedicated, high-performance and scalable hardware perimeter.”

“We are excited to partner with OVH to bring the benefits of a fully managed Kubernetes solution to our customers in Europe and to bare-metal enterprises around the world” said Bich Le, co-founder and chief architect at Platform9. “By deploying Platform9 on OVH infrastructures, users will benefit from a Kubernetes solution that comes out of the box with all production-grade capabilities including remote upgrades and security patches, multi-cluster operations, high availability, monitoring and more. This rich functionality, high performance, predictable costs, and SLA guarantee all make Kubernetes adoption a no-brainer for any enterprise.”

“Before launching our offering on Public Cloud, we consulted a large sample of users who had previously deployed their own Kubernetes cluster on our various infrastructure products. Through Managed Kubernetes Service and this new partnership with Platform9, we can make their experience much faster and smoother,” said Maxime Hurtrel, product manager at OVH.

OVH cater to all potential users of Kubernetes, including:

  • Users who wish to get started by ramping up easily and affordably with OVH Managed Kubernetes Service® on OVH Public Cloud
  • Users who prefer full hardware isolation or easy integration with their corporate IS through deploying a dedicated Kubernetes service managed by Platform9 on all OVH bare-metal servers, after subscribing to the Platform9 solution
  • Users who want to deploy Kubernetes on a stand-alone basis on the various environments provided by OVH through a combination of public (OpenStack), private (VMware) or bare-metal infrastructure offerings to install their Kubernetes distribution of choice