Press Release

OVH commits to support startups over the world

Press Release

With its 17 datacenters, 930,000 customers and branches throughout 16 countries, OVH is a group with international reach. As thea European cloud and Internet infrastructure leader, it provides the number one alternative to the American giantsan alternative choice to the many American giants in its sector. Innovation has always held a predominate place in the company’s DNA and now wishes to capture the strong innovative potential of innovation which is at the corethrough the vitality of of its customers' projects. True to its philosophy, “Innovation is Freedom”, OVH wants to intensify its support to businesses in the startup phase, which wish to pursue and develop their solutions in autonomy. From the conception of a prototype, all the way to market placement, the road is often long and full of obstacles. Adequate technological and logistical support permits startups to concentrate solely on their core businesses heart of their businesses without having to worry about the infrastructure component. Going further than a classic incubator
The ambition of “ Digital Launch Pad ” program’s ambition is simple: to provide, allow selected startups to benefit from awith a well-dimensioned infrastructure, , which will be powerful enough to manage handle the load once their solutions are in the production or marketing phase. This program is more than a classiccal incubator, in that the sense it includes three levels of support (Ideation/Build/Market), accompanying a product throughout its entire life cycle. The ultimate goal is to allow assist the most innovative startups in entry joining into the OVH Marketplace, giving them visibility to the group’s 930,000 customers worldwide. For Laurent Allard, CEO of OVH CEO, “It’s a unique opportunity to share our experience and solutions with companies whose varied areas of expertise can be complementary to ours. There is no doubt that new partnerships with OVH will take their rootsemerge throughin this program. On the road to CES with Business France
To add to the dynamic, OVH will be present at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the largest tradeshow, in the world,, dedicated to consumer technology, being held in Las Vegas on January 6 to 9, 2016. After the 2015 edition which launched the “French Tech” initiative on the international scene, 190 French Tech companies will attend this year’s event,. ranking France second, just behind the United States in number of enterprises present and fourth in relation to the startup segment. OVH will take its place under the French Tech pavilion in Eureka Park, supporting the 22 promising startups under Business France, the national agency agency with the mission of promoting the French economy internationally. For Eric Morand, Director of the Tech and Services department of Business France, “This partnership with OVH will offers a premium service to those that we assistto the startups we support., We’re equally proud to welcome a company which is at the forefront of the French Techby building and putting forward a flagship company of French Tech that we are proud to welcome among our partners." A collaboration which in 2016, will take a step further consolidate, in 2016, within the frame of the of theby joining the prestigious program in San Francissico and New York starting in in April. OVH and Business France will also take part in the and under French Tech Canada Tour, which will pass bywith dates scheduled for Montreal and Toronto – the OVH OVH Montreal office will host the inaugural evening.